NYSC Portal Login Dashboard for 2020 Batch A Registration

Welcome To the NYSC Portal Login Dashboard for 2019 Batch C Registration

The NYSC portal login dashboard is the official websites of the National Youths Service (NYSC) where Corps members and prospective corps members can register and carry out other related activities.

In this page, you will learn how to use the NYSC official website for online registration and other NYSC related activities.

When you visit the NYSC official website, you get exclusive access to register online, make payment, check monthly clearance, print out call-up letter, and other important things that could have required going to the NYSC office.

The NYSC portal login dashboard is a user friendly, in the sense that you can easily navigate the site layout without needing a help from anyone.

The user interface is displayed in readable plain English, and a set of instructions and guidelines are also given.

Things to do on NYSC portal login page

Below are things you can do on the NYSC portal;

1. NYSC Online registration

The only place the NYSC online registration can be done is at the NYSC official portal.

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Note: If there is no registration, the portal will display “No Active Registration”. But if there is active registration, the status will change, telling you to register.

2. NYSC Portal Login

Another thing that you can do at the NYSC portal is to login to your dashboard. For example; during NYSC online registration, prospective corps members will be asked to create a profile account at the NYSC portal.

The password and e-mail address used in creating this account would be used for subsequent login to your dashboards throughout your service year.

How to login to NYSC portal login dashboard

  • Go to NYSC portal
  • Click on login icon
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click “Resume” button.

This will take your to your NYSC profile account. You also have an option to recover your password if you have forgotten it.

3. Verify Certificates

Another thing that can be done at the NYSC portal is verification of certificate.

If you wish to verify if NYSC certificate is legit, you use this service.

This is mostly used by employers. For example if you present a fake NYSC certificate to get a job, your boss can just use this service to catch you.

4. Payment Status at NYSC portal login dashboard

You can use this service to check the status of any payment that you make in favour of NYSC. For example; during the NYSC online registration, you will be required to pay a sum of N2,970 for call-up letter printing. After making the payment, you can use this service to check your payment status.

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5. Visit NYSC Homepage

The NYSC portal is also a place through which you can connect to the NYSC main website.

So, from the portal, you can visit the NYSC main website for news and other updates.

6. Read Frequently Asked Questions

Another interesting thing about the NYSC Portal is that you can get answers to frequently asked questions.

It will take you to a place where NYSC gives official answers to some questions relating to NYSC.

7. Foreign PCM requirements

NYSC portal login dashboard also provides information about Foreign trained Prospective Corps members.

8. Change of date of Birth at NYSC portal login dashboard

For those that wish to change their Date of Birth. The service to change it is provided at the NYSC portal.

9. Guidelines on payments at NYSC portal login dashboard

This is a place where you will get guidelines on every payment that has to be made on NYSC portal.

10. Check Senate List or its equivalent

At the time of NYSC Mobilization, prospective corps members are required to check their names on the Senate list before they can proceed for online registration.

This service will help you to check your name on the senate list.

11. Biometric Instructions

During NYSC online registration, you will need to capture your finger print. So, this provide instructions to follow and some important information that you need to know about biometric verification as required by NYSC

12. Accreditation Institutions/Programmes

It is no longer news that some Institutions are not accredited. So, you check if your institution is accredited for NYSC at the NYSC portal login.


The official NYSC portal login dashboard

Below are list of things you can do at the NYSC portal login dashboard;

  1. Online registration
  2. Portal login
  3. Verify Certificates
  4. Payment Status
  5. Visit Home Page
  6. Read Frequently asked questions
  7. Foreign PCM requirements
  8. Change of date of Birth
  9. Guidelines on making payment
  10. Check Senate List
  11. Biometric Instructions
  12. Accreditation/Institution and programme

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