NYSC SAED: List of Skill Acquisition programs in NYSC camp

Nysc saed

NYSC SAED is a skill acquisition program introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the year 2012.

This program was introduced to tackle the unemployment rate in the country.

The full meaning of SAED is Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED). It’s an idea aimed at building the concept of entrepreneurship, skills and business mentality in Nigerian youths.

SAED is a compulsory program in NYSC Orientation camp, and it has been helping Corps members since inception.

There are testimonies of corp members who started a living with the help of SAED program. Many who participated in this program do not have to buy certain products since they can now produce them.

Many others have learnt a lot of valuable skills that remain with them forever.

List of SAED program in NYSC Orientation Camp

Below are the list of available SAED programs in NYSC Orientation Camp;

1. Agro-allied

This skill involves production, processing, and packaging of food using modern methods.

2. Automobile

In this section, corps members learn driving skills. So, driving school can be contacted to impact this knowledge on graduates.

3. Beautification

In this SAED class, beauticians would be contacted to teach corp members preliminary phases of embellishing pictures, art works and so on.

4. Construction

Training in this section include brick laying, building of houses, roads, and other building related skills.

5. Cosmetology

Training in this section include, coloring, extensions, and straightening. Corp members can also learn skills in making hair styles.

6. Culture and tourism

This involves educating students on how to make a business from culture and tourism.

7. Education

This will teach Corps how to make business out of education and other opportunities in the education sector.

8. Environment

In this SAED section, Corps members will be taught the dangers facing the environment, and training on environmentally ecology and economics.

9. Film and photography

This involves teaching Corps members how to operate video/photo cameras and how to make business out of it.

10. Food Processing/Preservation

This section teach Corp members the modern technologies to use for food processing and preservation and how to make a business out of it.

11. ICT

This section involves computer skills. Some of these skills would include skills on Microsoft office, web design, graphic design, program management and any other related skills.

12. Power & Energy

In this section, you will learn how ways to generate power and energy including build solar power.

Note: Depending on the state you are serving the categories can come in different forms. But they are almost the same. Thank you for reading.

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