Observation From NPC Ad hoc Staff Recruitment

A lady simply identified as Ladylily has penned down her observations from the National Population Commission (NPC) recruitment.

She wrote on a Telegram Group:

“This is my observations from the census recruitment:

“People who applied for as Enumerator or field Supervisor have greater chances of being approved and screened because they are the ones going out in the field to work.

“So even if you have not been approved you will be approved later, NPC needs you guys to do this work for them.

“Unlike people like us who applied as Specialised Workforce. This group are not so much and NPC needs a certain number for of persons in each state to carry out a particular duty and training.

“Meaning they are higher up in the ladder in this Census, so the numbers will be fewer compared to the Enumerator or supervisor.

“So what am trying to saying in essence is that if you have not being approved or messaged as a specialized Workforce, there is a very slim chance of you being called, because their people who have experience as a Data Analyst or some other experience who will get approved before you. I don comot mind for this census”.

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3 thoughts on “Observation From NPC Ad hoc Staff Recruitment”

  1. My question is that, why unlimited amount of us that applied for enumerators aren’t selected? And, I am sure a lot of enumerators are needed for this job.. Because it’s a very huge responsibilities and it’s too much to be carried out by only few recently selected individuals isn’t it?

  2. You said it all, my experience there today was bad they’re not organize and they aim at getting a real and correct data.

  3. Apt!
    I’m a victim
    I applied as specialized workforce and participated in the virtual training but wasn’t invited for the contact training meanwhile some who didn’t even attend the virtual was sent and invite for the contact training

    For ur own safety fear the country called Nigeria


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