Open Letter to NYSC DG on Police Brutality of Corps members

An open letter to the Director-General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim, sent out by a concern Corps member to call for the stop of alleged brutalisation, humiliation, and abuse of Corps members by men of security outfit in Nigeria.

Open Letter to NYSC DG on Police Brutality by Corps members

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Yakubu Gowon House

Dear sir,

It is with a pained heart that I write this and I pray this gets your attention. Seriously the level of brutality and humiliation some corps members are receiving from the members of the Nigerian police force and some other sister agencies is getting out of hand.

Just recently news broke out of how a corp member was arrested, raped and killed by men of the Nigerian police force who on confirmation were said to be on an illegal duty. We are yet to hear anything with regards to this matter.

Recently again, a female corps member reported from Ogbaru LGA in Anambra state of how the members of SARS of the Nigerian police force broke into their lodge by 2:00AM, 2:00AM!, And arrested her, molested, assaulted and handcuffed and took her out.

These are the few we got to be aware of because these people were able to come out and speak up. There are lots of insults, assaults, brutalisation and manhandling meted out on corps members on several occasions which are not documented or reported cos those corps members are not afforded the right channel to relay their complaints, they were afraid of laying their complaints or don’t even know where or who to complain to.

If we are to conduct a poll, you will noticed that if care is not taken, about 50% of corps members or more may have reports or complaints to make with regards to brutalisation and assaults and insults they have received from the men of the Nigerian police force.

Now it begs me to ask, don’t corps members have their dignity and respect anymore? Why do men of Nigerian Police force treat corps members in the manners that they do? Do they not understand the meaning of esprit de corp? Why is it that the dignity and respect which corps members ought to have and operate with seems to be declining and is even worst on the part of the men of Nigerian Police force?. I know there are still some reasonable and sensible and well behaved policemen, as it is not all of them that behaves as such.

But, we want to use this medium to bring to the notice of the National Youth Service Corps – NYSC of this act of negligence, nonchalant attitude, brutalisation and assaults from the men of the Nigerian police force on corps members and we seek to plead with the scheme to look critically into this matter, if possible constitute a committee to investigate vigorously and find a way to bring an end to this and restore the dignity and respect of corps members.

We plead with our amiable Director General Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim to liaise with the IGP and see that this barbaric act is brought to a stop. We also plead that the scheme provide the corps members with, if possible, a live report channel, or a more effective channel through which corps members can instantly and effectively reach out to the scheme in situations as this.

We pray the scheme to kindly look into this issue as it is paramount to the well being and safety of the corps members and to the dignity and respect of the scheme as well.

A concerned corps member

God bless NYSC
God bless Nigeria

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to NYSC DG on Police Brutality of Corps members”

  1. Seriously Nigeria police force are not trying,if not because of God I could have clear more than 6 of them that usually stop my car for breb when thy know that I’m corp member, but after service I will make sure that I deal with 2 of them which insulted NYSC SCHEME

  2. Ali Kabir Abdullahi

    Yes That is true something need tobe done urgently sir, because It was happened on me a couples of months ago, I am a fellow corp member serving in jigawa state and I was also harrased,molested and detained with my nysc identification and dressed by nigerian police, just over argument and refusal to give them bribe.

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