Payment Dates for FG Conditional Grant, Loan Scheme 

A lot of people who applied for the Federal Government conditional loan and grant program have been messaging us, inquiring about the starting date for conditional loan and grant payments.

To provide clarity on the Payment Date for the Federal Government (FG) Grant and Loan Scheme, this post offers insights into the payment timeline.

The Payment Date

The payment date, as indicated on the portal, depends on the applicant’s bank, with an estimated duration of two weeks. It’s important to meet the eligibility criteria for disbursement by your bank. Applicants should stay vigilant, as payment may be influenced by the application deadline.

Application Status

To monitor your application status, log into your profile. After forwarding to your bank, proactive follow-ups with the bank for updates are recommended. This ensures applicants stay informed and engaged during the processing phase.

Presidential Palliative Program

As part of the Presidential Palliative Program, the FG initiated the Presidential Conditional Loan and Grant Scheme for Businesses in Nigeria. Nano businesses, including manufacturers with up to N1 billion in funding, are eligible. The grant, amounting to N50,000.00, targets one million nano businesses across 774 local government areas, prioritizing 70% women and youth, 10% people with disabilities, and 5% senior citizens.

Application Links

Interested individuals can apply for the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme (PCGS) and Presidential Palliative Programmes N75B Loan by following the provided links. These initiatives signify the government’s commitment to supporting various demographics in the business sector.


For further details and applications regarding the Presidential PalliativeProgram, visit the FG Grant and Loan website. We remains dedicated to keeping you informed on essential updates related to the FG Grant and Loan Scheme. Stay connected for the latest developments in this transformative program by joining FG Empowerment Telegram Group chat.

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