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PETITION to Pay Corps Members’ Minimum Wage Arrears

This petition was created by a Corps Member, Ishola Temitayo. We need about 100k shares for this petition to get to the Federal Government and other appropriate authorities.

To support this petition, all you need to do is READ and SHARE. You can also drop your useful comment so that authorities will read it as well when it gets to them..

Petition Description: #PayCorpersArrears

I wish to use this medium to draw the attention of the Federal government toward the issue of payment of arrears.

The bill which established the new minimum wage was signed into law since April 2019 which means payment should commence from when the bill was signed into law.

It is worthy of note that all Federal workers have obtained payment in arrears whereas, Corps members are totally left behind.

Recall that under the administration of former President Jonathan the minimum wage was reviewed as Corps members who left the service even before full implementation were all paid in arrears.

Today we wish to know why the Federal Government kept mute over payment of Corps Members’ Arrears.

Corps members nationwide being future leaders and able youths of our great Nation deserve to know why we were left out in this issue of arrears.

Does FG feel that paying us arrears is a waste of money? Does FG realise that paying Corps members’ arrears means investing in us?

[irp posts=”4840″ name=”Pay Us Our Arrears – Corps Member tells Buhari, NYSC DG”]

Our resolution

All Corps members have decided to ask questions and to know exactly why FG excluded us from getting Minimum wage arrears.

Below are the expected arrears in details

Following the announcement of the newly approved wage of N33,000 naira for Corps members by the Director General of the National youth service Corp – Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, Corps members expect as follows:

1. Corp members in 2019 Batch A will earn as much as N118,800 in areas covering the period between April and December of 2019.

2. Their colleagues in 2019 Batch B stream 1 will earn an estimated amount of N105,200 within the period of June and December while those in Batch B stream 2 will look forward to receiving the sum of N66,000.

3. Also, members in 2018 Batch B streams 1 and 2, and Batch C streams 1 and 2 are expected to earn N26,400, N39,600 and N79,200, N92,400 respectively.

Finally, I call on the relevant (NYSC) authorities to assists us to achieve this aim for the greater benefit of our country at large.

To support this petition, share on social media. We need about 100k shares across social media. You can also drop your useful comment, so that authorities will hear your voice.

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  1. Caroline


    Pls FG look into our plea,don’t forget we are the leaders of tomorrow and d legacy u leave behind is what we will transfer to our generations yet to come.biko we need this money. There is no job anywhere and it’s unfair if after one year of service and 5years of schooling we would come out roaming the now are man no man and for those of us that doesn’t know anyone we need to start our life and career pursuit somewhere and that is where that arrears comes in. As for me,that money will be invested. It might be very small for u but for some if us,that money is big and will go a long way in paying bills. Pls DG sir look into this matter for us.thank u in advance

  2. ibrahim abdulrauf


    Pls Mr DG I beg you in the name of Almighty Allah, on behalf of my colleagues that U should pls look at this arrears matter into consideration and pleaded with Federal Government to pls pay Corps Members arrears, it maybe a great opportunity for some of us start up a small business, and job giver not job seekers.

    Thank you Sir!!!

    • Enamhe Timothy


      I appreciate the FG for increasing the corp members allowances from #19800 to #333000.

      However arrears are yet to be pay,i wish to make passionate appeal to the NYSC DG to put more effort dialogue with the FG on how our arrears should be pay.

      The minimum wage bill became an act since April 18th when Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari assented to the bill.

      Thank you.

      God bless Nigeria.

  3. Oyinkansola


    Pls for God sake,Enupe oooooo

  4. Bukar mohammed


    Please mister DG Beg Federal government to pay us our arrears ! it might be an opportunity for some of us to startup and forget about the government employment thought the range of jobless is even higher than your expectation. So we are not forcing but begging. We are now begging to you Mr DG and you should beg to them, because your even closer to them.
    I hope my comment is giving necessary consideration. Thank you
    I am Bukar

  5. Anonymous


    Its really going to help us alot cos we can use it to start up a small trade or business and still wait for a better job or grow bigger in our business, pls FG we plead that you help us in these, its for a good n better Nigerian youth.

  6. Aisha Muhammad Ali


    Please pay the arrears it may help in many ways some can even start a small business with it

  7. Jimoh sekinat omowumi


    Please pay the money it can assist us when added to the ones we have it can go a long way to eradicate joblessness amongst the youth as part of the aims of the corps thanks

  8. christiana Omogbenika


    If indeed the federal government values our service then our entitlements should be paid in full.
    We have served and deserve to be paid our due.

  9. Anonymous


    so When it comes to paying arrears to youths who have served and still serving this nation diligently while some even lost their lives they say we aren’t civil servants, i’m not surprised as this is Nigeria after all. This government should know that in as much as we were included in the increase, we also have all rights to be paid the arrears without delay.

  10. Aliyuoniye


    Federal government should please pay us arrears.

  11. Clement


    If truely this government is Fighting corruption, then why are they keeping quiet. Is Buhari not hearing us. It is our right and will we demand for it. I see no reason why the DG will open his and say we are not civil servant and because of that no arrears for corps members, is that not wickedness and corruption. The DG is playing the whole thing to the gallery. I am highly disappointed in him. Shame on him. The law states one thing and and now they are doing another thing because it has to do with what others will benefit. This is corruption. The federal executive council is keeping mute.

  12. Tunde ogundele


    Pay our arrears FG

  13. Umar Abdulmumin


    Even if we are not civil servant, the law do not permit federal government to pay us less than 30k with effect from April that the bill was signed into law.

  14. Emmanuel



    The arrears will go a long way to help we the batch A that are passing out in a week time including those who have passed out since the bill was signed into law,

    With these arrear those of us who have business intiative can start a little business for themselves,the arrear is a welcome development which will encourage and enable us one way or the other!

  15. Chimankpam


    The Federal govement should known that paying us this arrears will reduce unemployment,Knowing that there is no collateral for obtaining loans to start up business.But only this arrears will enable us to start up with something than going around looking for white-collar jobs.

  16. Agee Sunday


    Pls federal govt pay us our arrears we really deserved it,corruption free

  17. Emmanuel Victor


    Why will the Federal government deny the youths there constitutional right. Please if really this administration is fighting corruption as claimed then let them pay our arrears. We are not begging for it, its our right. Failure to do this its a fatal bridges of the law.

  18. Anthony David


    Federal government please pay us our arrears we have done our part to served our Father’s land so pay us what is due to us for peace to reign

  19. Emmanuel


    Please we need our arrears!

  20. Musbahu


    Please pay arrears

  21. Johnson Rebecca Uchechi


    Please, federal government should pay us areas as this is not the first time areas is being paid, we are federal government children,we serve our father land in love, humility and faith, we do our best during this service year to make impact in the society, we impact knowledge to pupils, students etc, we assist in elections, we risk our lives in different states, settlements that we hardly know… federal government should please consider this request.. thanks in anticipation.

  22. Abdulhakeem


    I see no reason why Federal Government said corps member is not entitled to arrears please review history

  23. Ada


    FG, I really appreciate the work God is using you to do and I strongly believe that He would complete that same work He has started by making our arrears available to us.

  24. Falalu Muhammad Tukur


    Paying Courp members arrears is a way of reducing unemployment rate in the country. Because this will enable them to invest in different type of business.
    Therefore let the Federal government look forward into this matter.

  25. Divine


    I just wonder why the payment of arrears to corps members is still lingering. Pay us our arrears

  26. Graham


    If actually our able President, His Excellency PMB wants to fight n kick out corruption I think he should order minister of finance, minister of youth n sport development, n DG NYSC to pay us our arrears after which u will see with me dat all d youths will join him in d fight against corruption.

    • Ukpa tochukwu o.


      Aside arrears payment being a constitutional entitlement for corps members, I wish to expressly say without missing words that it will go a long way reduce unemployment, crimes, frustration and above all, it will be in be in the good book of history that something good and worth doing has been done by this administration. Therefore, I appeal to federal government to pay corpses arrears to ensure a better Nigeria.

  27. Imaobong Samuel


    Pay us our arrears it’s our right,we risked our lives for our country Nigeria,especially those of us who participated in the election. Are we not entitled to our own arrears?

  28. Vickymama


    Federal government should pay our arrears…. It is our constitutional right.
    Let justify this and avoid corruption please.

  29. Hassan Yahaya


    Pls Baba Buhari pay us our arrears as its not a wasting of money

  30. Ajibola


    Pay us our areas

  31. Ibrahim Yunusa


    Federal Government should pay our arrears. It’s our constitutional right, if the Nigeria government its true that they are fighting against corruption. We deserved it and also is our right.

  32. Tonia


    We are federal workers,we should be treated as such…please pay us our arrears

  33. Smaco G


    We appreciate the minimum wage increment thanks to you(FG) once again, but I still don’t see what differentiate corp members from civil servants.

  34. Hamza Umar Takkira


    Off courts we deserved arrears as federal government workers enjoyed it, because we are also part of the federal government.

    • Ceejay Ray


      Paying arrears is the least the federal government should do to encourage corper members and power trust in the fight against corruption.

  35. Dorcas


    Federal government should pay our arrears ooo.. Since most of us are jobless and to eat one square meal per day is very hard. The arrears will go a long way ooo.fg plz ooo

  36. Linda Samson


    FG since it’s our right do we have tobeg for it
    Pay us

  37. Mustafa


    Federal government should pay corps member their arears.

  38. James ode


    FG pls Pay us our arrears.

  39. Harry


    It’s very obvious that minimum wage is the NYSC stipends and by signing the increament, of cause the arrears is included. FG should please do the needful, thanks.

  40. Marvellous Obisike


    Denying corp members there ARREARS is CORRUPTION

  41. Nasarawa


    We thank u Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari for the increment of our Allowance, But sir pls, Help us and pay our Arrears….God bless u God bless Nigeria…

  42. Ajah, Michael


    We wouldn’t be asking for arrears if there’s job assurity after NYSC.

    Adolf Hitler declaration of war against the USA in 1941 writes that “the American President and his plutocratic clique have called us the HAVE NOT nations. That is correct! But the HAVE NOTS also want to live, and they will certainly make sure that what little they have to live on is stolen from by the HAVES”.

    In the same vein, since the government have shamelessly failed on their part to create job for us at least to start life after NYSC, they should just leave greed and pay us our arrears.

  43. Olabanji


    Pay us our arrears now FG, we beg you people ooooo

  44. Okolie chuks Christian


    Government should pay us what they owe us….

  45. Ibrahim Momohjimoh


    Please pay us our Arrears, is mandatory.

  46. Gideon


    We deserve not to be left behind. FG should please the appropriate by paying all entitled Corps members arrears

  47. Oluwadamilare


    Please kindly pay our arrears, we are in system when the minimum wage was signed into law.

    This wasn’t the first time arrears of NYSC allowance will be paid.

    Pay us oooo

  48. Aminat


    Federal government please pay our arrears

  49. Azeez


    Paying the arrears of Corp members will be a form of youth empowerment scheme in its own. Which will be a strategy of developing the country in itself. Please, FG, do pay us.

  50. Gabriel Ayodele


    Federal government we are appealing for the payment of our arrears, it is an investment not a waste of money and another way to reduce unemployment in the country,cos most of us gone for one training or the the in SAED program and we have upgraded ourselves by meeting some professionals in those fields all we need is capital to start up business, pls pay our arrears and let shun CORRUPTION in our country… And it will also reduce crime rate in the country. Thanks

  51. Mustapha nasir


    Yes we really deserve it pls fed gov pay us our arrears

  52. Omachoko Prince Ojima


    Federal Government please pay our arrears

  53. Sufiyanu lawali


    Paying Off Arrears To Corp Members, Those Not Mean That The FG Is Wasting It’s Money. Please FG Pay Us Our Arrears.

  54. Emmanuel


    Pay us our arrears FG, we deserve it and it is our right

    • Marvellous Obisike


      The DG should eradicate that comment of corp members not being civil servant, didn’t they served the nation at the stipulated time, if there’s any benefit it should be given to then,


  55. Toheeb ,


    Federal Government should pay our Arrears. It is our Constitutional right. Let us stop corruption.

    • Yakubu Yusuf


      Pls, FG pay the corp member their arears

    • Tajudeen Hassanat


      please federal government should pay our arrears it’s would go a long way helping us we are pleading despite the fact that it’s our right.



    We expect the DG to stand for Corp members, we deserve the arrears as well.

  57. Adamu Bulus Nom


    Pay us our arrears



    The system did not start today. It’s been there. Please FG pay our arrears

  59. Akunnakwe Mike


    Why are corp members left behind,we are fully entitled to the arrears Or are we not under Federal government again?

  60. Gozie George


    It’s the fundamental right of every Corp member, the FG should rather use this as an opportunity to prove to the youths that they are also important to nation building through the NYSC by paying up their arrears.

  61. Abbakaka Mohammed


    Government should seriously look at this matters of arrears it could help many people in this hardship where more than one million ex corpers are jobless and no capital to start small scale business.

  62. Shina


    The payment of arrears is our right and not privilege.#PayCorpersArrears

  63. Nwankwo Paul


    Corp member deserve to be paid arrears, because it is our right. this is not the first time minimum wage was implemented.
    Since it happened before and Corp members were paid arrears it can be different this time.

    Federal government should look into the matter and act fast.

    • Nwankwo Paul


      It can’t be different in this present administration

  64. Mudassiru bala


    It is our rights not privilege we have work for it, saying we don’t have arrears is a trash, or they want tell us the law that supported worked to get their arrears is different with Corp members, after all it is not a new things Jonathan have paid it, so Buhari is ought to pay us our money quickly iam in batch A 2019 serving in Bauchi state

  65. JohnvalC


    In the spirit if Aluta i want to commend those that thought about this idea. I believe in trying than sitting down to criticize and theorize. All for one my fellow Compatriots.ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ASCERTA

  66. Opeyemi yusuf


    Am opeyemi yusuf batch c stream 2, I plead to federal government to have mercy on us base on our areas cozs I was serving then when the president sign the agreement of increasemeant of serving corper’s some times April 2019 and the nysc official are promising us that the inreasment will get to us as soon as government approve the bill. But now we are hearing a different things now that they cannot give the corper’s serving then now cozs we have passed out. Pls Nigeria help us beg our president. God bless Nigeria

  67. Lawan Alhaji Modu


    I see no reason that FG will denied us our entitlement. The country has enough money to pay ex-corps members. Most of us from lower class family. Let’s take example on me,i am a graduate of business administration with a very good idea of small scale business but the capital to implement my intention is the biggest obstacle. If the FG pay us our arrears, we will add our little personal saving to start a business without relying or waiting for white collar-job. The business idea isn’t the problem but the capital to execute it. So, we are appealing to FG to look into this matter and consider it’s youths, those served their father land selfless under the sun and in the rain.

  68. Lizzypg Chinyere


    The last time allawe was increased, FG paid arrears to the then ex corpers, why not do same now? It really will help some who ventured into small scale biz, and also to some looking for capital to start instead of taking loan. It can equally help those in secular jobs.
    Please FG, do unto us what was done unto others. It is called fair judgment or impartiality and we’ll all be good citizens. God bless Nigeria and deliver us from corruption… Amen

  69. Rabiu Garba


    Please pay this arrears to all Corp members, we are working to the best of our knowledge.

  70. isah Abdulmumeen


    Corps members that served 2011 during jonathan regime, are they subjected as civil servants?
    Why did he paid their arrears then?
    Is there any page where minimum wage and arrears was included in 2019 budget?
    Why civil servants received their minimum wage and arrears??
    With the challenges graduates is facing after nysc, didn’t them think that, paying corpers arrears can reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria?

  71. Adewusi kayode


    i support this and sincerely the FG will get to know that its not a waste of money,there are lot of us our there with potentials buh the resources is not enough and i’m sure that when the arrears is being added i’m sure it’ll even reduce unemployment and those evil act out there cause people will invest in what they can to fetch them income if not daily,probably weekly.

  72. Udeh Joy


    We need our arrears is our right
    FG you must pay us our arrears

  73. Pital D kamasko


    Gombe. Gombe. Jigawa, Enugu,Nassarawa, cross river

  74. Anozie chibuzo Oliver


    Let federal government pay us our arears because we need capital to establish our dream businesses because there is no adequate fund,no financial support to execute this plan. Many today regretted going to the higher institutions because there are no jobs. Please federal government, pay us our arears

  75. Vincent Chibueze


    Corpers are even supposed to organize themselves and meet the authorities,l mean people concerned.
    They can continue to do what they like, the country belongs to everyone of us?

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