How to Become Polaris Bank’s SurePadi Agent

SurePadi is a Polaris Bank initiative designed to enhance the economic and financial well-being of Nigerians, especially at the grassroots level. Additionally, the SurePadi project contributes to the financial industry’s goal of financial inclusion by ensuring accessibility to financial services for all. In this post, you will learn how to become a Polaris Bank SurePadi agent.

What is SurePadi?

Polaris Bank’s SurePadi Agent Banking concept is at the core of it. With the assistance of current retail establishments acting as SurePadi Agents, the bank provides a fresh, convenient, and swift access to financial services.

SurePadi Agent

A Sure Padi Agent is a company hired by Polaris Bank to deliver specific financial services on the bank’s behalf at the agent’s location.

Eligibility Criteria for SurePadi Agent

The program is open to anyone who meets the following requirements:

1. Registered Businesses

  • Examples include limited liability corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, cooperative societies, and institutions with a large retail network.
  • Dealers in fast-moving consumer products and petrol filling stations are also eligible.

2. Individuals

  • Anyone who owns or operates an unregistered business.
  • Examples include supermarkets, retail stores, mobile network operator distributors, business centers, boutiques, provision shops, sports watching centers, etc.

How to Become a SurePadi Agent

To become a Polaris SurePadi Agent, bring the following to your local Polaris Bank office and request an application form:

1. Acceptable forms of identification such as Driver’s license, national identity card, international passport, or voter’s card.

2. Utility bill (at least three (3) months old).

3. Recent passport photo.

Requirements to Become a SurePadi Agent

1. Have a primary business that is registered or run independently.

2. The primary business must have existed for at least the previous 12 months.

3. Include the principal business’s physical address.

4. Have appropriate and secure facilities.

5. Maintain a clean criminal record for both the principal business and its owner.

Benefits of SurePadi Agency

1. Extra source of revenue for the agent providing agency banking services.

2. Assistance with branding and advertising from the bank to attract clients to the agent’s location.

3. Enhanced credibility within the community.

4. Robust service options and the opportunity to build better ties with consumers.

Services Offered by SurePadi Agent

1. Account Opening (Savings/current account)

2. Funds Transfer

3. Deposit funds

4. Cash withdrawals

5. Pay Bills

6. Buy Airtime and more

7. BVN enrollment and more


Agency banking in Nigeria is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative methods to supplement income. Starting a SurePadi agency for Polaris Bank is straightforward – acquire the SurePadi mobile app and POS terminal. Additionally, there’s an insurance policy available for agents covering both cash on hand and the terminal.

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