Prepare For Telecom Service Shutdown – Gov. Elrufai

Are you a resident of Kaduna State? If ‘yes’ then you need to read through this post as the Governor advises residents to prepare for Telecom Service shutdown.

Kaduna residents lately have been experiencing difficulties enjoying telecom services due to a bad network.

During a radio chat, governor Nasir Elrufai informed the residents of Kaduna to prepare for Telecom Service shutdown.

He gave the reason for the recent poor network and impending shutdown, playing it down as security reasons.

He affirmed that security is set to take on bandits who are causing unrest within the state.

The governor also noted that the service shutdown would not affect every corner of the state.

Only LGAs that share border with the heavily troubled Katsina and Zamfara State where the military offensive is currently heating up will be affected.

He said the decision to carry out the shutdown came from advice by both military and security agencies.

This measure will aid in their fight against the bandits by cutting off communication between the dreadful group.

Although the plan is not yet fully in motion, as they are awaiting orders from security forces.

Especially to let them know when, and which area to hit with the shutdown. Read also: Link To Check Kaduna TSB Recruitment Status.

The governor, who communicated in Hausa, urged the people to be prepared for the shutdown at any time, as they will carry out the order immediately.

He also stated that the shutdown which has happened in some areas has proved frustrating for the bandits, as some of them have to cross over to neighboring LGAs not affected to make calls and demand for ransom from the relatives of their victims.

He pointed out the importance of communication, as it is the bedrock with which the bandits rely upon.

Communication serves as a tool to keep in touch with their informants.

The governor confirmed the acceptance from FG, as the telecommunication shutdown got the approval of President.

Although while the governor made known their plan to the general public, he insisted he won’t be mentioning the areas that will be affected by the shutdown.

But report has it that Chikun, Igabi, Giwa, Birnin Gwari, Kachia, and Kajuru are the LGAs mostly affected by the unrest.

A task force which sole aim is to operate the hinterland and frustrate the activities of criminals, has being setup.

They will be working on stipulated measures. These measures include the closure of markets and fuel stations.

Residents are urged to be vigilant in identifying bandits and their informants.

Especially by taking note of any suspicious activity, anyone who approaches any establishment or house and wants to power about 20 phones, should be allowed to charge, but security agents should be notified immediately.

Also, anyone who wants to buy 20-100 loaves of bread should be attended to, but security agents should be notified immediately.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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