How To Generate 200k From Poultry Farming In 2 weeks

If you have been looking for ways on how to cash out big this season, then this article is for you. In this post, we’ll be showing you a simple strategy on how to generate 200k from Poultry Farming in 2 weeks.

Once again, we are at the ’ember’ stage of the year where poultry farmers cash out big.

It will be nice not to miss out on this opportunity, as first-hand tips and method on how to make money in this business will be given in this post.

The write up is all based on personal experience, so let’s dive right into it.

How To Generate 200k From Poultry Farming In 2 Weeks

To begin with this, you need two important things. First, you need a space where you can keep your chicks, and secondly, the expertise to take care of them.

Once you have got this, then you are good to go. Read also: 4 Powerful Businesses to Start With 50k

Kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Have a space that can house up to 200-day-old broiler chicks.
  2. Then sell them off to buyers after training them for two (2) weeks.

This type of buyers aren’t hard to find this period, as there are a lot of people who buy in bulk to sell in the market and in chicken stores.

Also, a lot of people love to buy chicks which are one to two (1-2) weeks old at this time.

Such person(s) train them up for the Christmas celebration/personal consumption.

There are still some group that train them to maturity and sell to others during the Christmas/New year period.

Depending on the distributor and other factors, you can get a day-old broiler chick for around four hundred and fifty naira to five hundred and fifty naira (N450 – N550).

You could be selling them off after 2 weeks for as much as Nine hundred naira to a thousand naira (N900 -N1000) each.

This is a sure way on how to generate 200k through Poultry Farming in two (2) weeks.

Video illustration (view of the chicks)

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