Printing of NYSC Call Up letter For 2020 Batch B Begins on 6th November

This is to inform prospective corps members that they will begin to print their call-up letters today, (6th November) at 12:00am for 2020 Batch ‘B’ Stream IA orientation course.

As a matter of fact, some Corps members have seen their Call up letters, and have even printed it. But when they checked again, their call up letters disappeared from their dashboard.

Why the NYSC call up letters appear and disappear from your dashboard is because the NYSC system is not yet stable as the management is still assigning state of deployment to prospective corps members.

According to the NYSC DG, only 6,000 prospective corps members will enter orientation camp on 10th November 2020, but they will be merged with Batch A Corps Members that were chased out of camp due to COVID19 pandemic.

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So, do not panic or worry yourself if you can’t see your call up letter now. You will be able to print your call up letter by midnight (12:00am) of 6th November.

So there is no cause for alarm! Wait till midnight or 7th November, you will see it.

And we will also publish the direct link through which you can print your call up letter at

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Updated: November 6, 2020 — 10:37 am

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  1. Please how can I join the next stream which is Batch B stream 1 B. I missed stream 1A

  2. Please how can I register for the next stream which is batch B stream 1B,I missed batch B stream 1 A

  3. I saw my call up letter but disappear and have been checking till now,he didn’t come back now I saw reschedule to subsequent stream

  4. Since my dash board is showing am in next streams how will I know if am going to camp by 3rd December or by January pls answer me

  5. I am married and I put all the necessary documents that is required from a married woman but instead of them to post me where my husband is which is Ogun state, they now post me to Taraba state. Pls what should I do, I need an answer

  6. Please I checked my dashboard in the morning and I saw deployed to akwa ibom, doe I dint print up the call up letter, when I went pack at noon to do the print up I couldn’t find it again on my dashboard, is that am not going with this stream, or is there a tendency for them changing the deployed state,or changing the deployed state again in the next stream, cause I don’t know where I stand now, and camp date is close..

    1. Wait until you print your call up letter. Keep checking your dashboard

  7. Why am I still seeing “Inline with COVID19 protocol, kindly note that you have been scheduled for subsequent streams. You will be notify at the appropriate time” and I didn’t see my call up letter

    1. Be patient. You are in next Stream

  8. Sir I checked my dashboard but I’m only seeing the option to print my green card.
    I can’t see option for printing my callusp latter.

    1. Be patient, you will follow next Stream IB

  9. My case is dat I saw my call up letter and it disappeared and us this inline with covid 19 issues

  10. What of those that see their callup letter but they can not print it?

  11. Salifu faith loveth

    I saw my call up later earlier today bt cant see it today. What is d problem pls?

  12. Sir,My dashboard is show inline with covid 19 protocol,kindly note that you have been scheduled for subsequent will be notified at the appropriate time

  13. I finished school 😭 since 2018. Did my registration early enough. Why am I been shifted to another stream please? As at last night I saw a space on print callupletter and later was taken off my dashboard. Why all of this delay. Why am I not going with this set 😭. Please any possible way to fix me in? I really need leave the house.

  14. Tijjani Ibrahim Ali

    Sir I do my registration with batch A stream 2 since March later push us to Batch B and my dashboard is showing in line with the covid 19 protocol so should still expect call up latter or I am still push to another stream

  15. I didnt understand on 6th 12:00am, meaning today or tomorrow

  16. Ikirigo Esther Jacob

    I’ve done every necessary registration and re-printing. This morning, I wanted to access my call up letter, what I saw on my dashboard was “inline with Covid 19 protocols, kindly note that you’ve been scheduled for subsequent stream……. I’m stressed, why do they always push me for stream to stream?

    1. Take heart bro. Check your dashboard on 7th November

      1. I saw a place for print callupletter later and now it’s no longer there. Why reschedule me for next stream. This is really hurting 😭😢😢

  17. please I have a call up number buh in my dashboard NySC is saying that I am not in this stream

    1. Check your dashboard to know if your call up letter has been withdrawn

    2. Please sir I was told to that camp will open on 10th but my call up letter says I should report to camp on 13 .. please sir Wich one will I take.

      1. Camp will open on 10th but date for you to report is on 13th. It is so because of covid19. Always follow what is on your call up letter.

  18. What of 2020 batch A stream 1, how are they going to to check their own or they are going back with their initial call up letter since their going back is mandatory?

    1. We will update you on that. Stay with

  19. Good morning sir, as for me I didn’t see anything on my dashboard like you are not on this stream.

    1. Keep checking your dashboard

  20. Please all this batch b streamIa and stream1b and stream 2 are they the over flow.was thinking batch b stream 1b and batch b stream 2 is fresh registration

  21. Please is it that if you don’t see “sorry you are not on this batch” theb you are qualified for this batch?

  22. Abati Martha chialuka

    Good morning Sir, I was in stream 2 batch a but in batch b 2020 but my dashboard is suddenly showing you are not in this stream

    1. Don’t panic. keep checking your dashboard

  23. Please can you please clarify us on “sorry, you are not in this stream, you will be notify when to print your call up letter, and those that have their dashboard clear of the notice and still no print your call up letter link on their dashboard.

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