Printing of NYSC Call Up letter For 2020 Batch B Begins on 6th November

This is to inform prospective corps members that they will begin to print their call-up letters today, (6th November) at 12:00am for 2020 Batch ‘B’ Stream IA orientation course.

As a matter of fact, some Corps members have seen their Call up letters, and have even printed it. But when they checked again, their call up letters disappeared from their dashboard.

Why the NYSC call up letters appear and disappear from your dashboard is because the NYSC system is not yet stable as the management is still assigning state of deployment to prospective corps members.

According to the NYSC DG, only 6,000 prospective corps members will enter orientation camp on 10th November 2020, but they will be merged with Batch A Corps Members that were chased out of camp due to COVID19 pandemic.

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So, do not panic or worry yourself if you can’t see your call up letter now. You will be able to print your call up letter by midnight (12:00am) of 6th November.

So there is no cause for alarm! Wait till midnight or 7th November, you will see it.

And we will also publish the direct link through which you can print your call up letter at

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  1. I was mobilize in 2020 batch A.but I can’t make it, due to one thing and the others,I lost my phone i’ which l do not have access to my email address and my portal. I’m now ready,how can I make it. Please assist me out

  2. I saw my call up letter but disappear and have been checking till now,he didn’t come back now I saw reschedule to subsequent stream

  3. Since my dash board is showing am in next streams how will I know if am going to camp by 3rd December or by January pls answer me

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