Renewed Hope Skills Up Nigeria To Recruit 5 Million Nigerian Youths

Renewed Hope Skills Up Nigeria, the new administration of the Npower program, has claimed that they will enroll 5 million youths into the revamped Npower program.

The former President Buhari administration launched the Npower program in 2016 to provide Nigerian youngsters with employment and entrepreneurship skills. Over 1 million people have benefited from the Npower initiative so far.

However, the Npower program has received criticism due to poor program management. In addition, the program’s beneficiaries are not being compensated.

With President Tinubu’s Administration reinvigorating the Job Creation Initiative, the Npower program is being restructured under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

This restructuring and reinvention will also result in an extended program that will serve people aged 18 to 40 (the previous age restriction was 35). We intend to reach 5 million beneficiaries in five years, at a rate of one million each year, across the graduate and non-graduate streams.

HM Dr Betta Edu remarked that the N-power and others were established to create jobs, provide assistance, and not cause pain for Nigerians.

New Npower Renewed Hope Skills Up Nigeria Program recruiting may begin in January 2024.

The management team is currently examining the number of participants in the program, those who have quit the program, those who are owed, whether they reported to work or not, and how monies have been used during this time period.

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