RRR Registration Update For New Batch 2022/2023

RRR is an acronym for Rapid Response Register. It’s a Federal Government initiative to develop a social response REGISTER to target those that are vulnerable during a disaster or crisis for intervention purpose.

RRR is definitely going to be used for cash intervention for those identified from the list to be vulnerable to the economic hardship caused by C0vid-l9 and other disasters.

The Register will now serve as a tool for the federal government to identify those to help when there is need for intervention during social crisis in the future.

It is being managed by the National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO), which is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Natural Disaster Management and sponsored by World Bank.

RRR Code

The RRR code is a USSD number generated for self registration by potential applicants or beneficiaries, which will be followed by physical Data capturing.

The RRR code is State, local government and down to community base specific. It is not one size fit all. Don’t just take a general state code and dial.

Ensure it is at least the code of the Local Government you are residing now. If not by the time you will be contacted for physical data, capturing, you will find it difficult to do that. I am an Enumerator for the Programme and I know what I am talking about.

RRR Registration

The registration is presently closed, it usually open for two weeks only, and then closed. Just be on the watch by joining > FG Empowerment Group Chat to receive updates regarding when RRR registration will be opened again.

But surely they will capture the people that have been successfully registered before new registration will open again. That has been the modality since last year. It is those that were captured in the first batch which was around November last year that are being paid presently. You may like to check N30,000 RRR Credit Alert.

The second batch capturing took place in January/February, so this registration that just closed is the third batch and will be captured soon before they reopen registration for another batch.

We urge you to be on the watch when the registration will reopen and ensure to use the RRR code that is specific to your present local government area of residence.

When you also register, ensure that the mobile line you used is functional, so that you could be reached during the data capturing phase.

We believe that you are better informed now! Join FG Empowerment Group Chat.

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