Should a CV be One page or Two page?

Many people are confused about how long their CV should be. They often asked, ‘should it be one page or two page or more’.

However, the most important thing is to have a concise CV that captures relevant experience. The number of pages that your CV should be depends on your level of experience which is a significant point of consideration for the job you are applying for.

Making reference to Career Builder Survey in 2013, it was discovered that 77% agreed that experienced workers should have at least a two-page CV or more while an entry level CV should be one page. In addition, 39% of experienced workers said their resumes are only one page.

How long should a CV be, a page or two?

If you are a fresh graduate, your CV is expected to be one page. There’s no crime in that! The Human Resource Manager believes that a fresh graduate, who has not worked in any organization before has not been exposed to experience.

Nevertheless, if you have an industrial experience, you can include such experience in the CV but make sure that it is succinct while showing you as the perfect applicant to be considered.

In addition, you should ensure that you use keywords that agrees with the requirement of the job you are applying for. The keywords are words or phrases that are of high significant to the qualifications or requirements for a job. See how to use keywords in your CV.

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If you are writing one page CV, make the keywords and skills to be concise enough. Ensure you avoid fancy fonts and colors, and graphics. Regarding the educational history, If you have graduated from school for more than two years, there’s no need of writing your CGPA. If you have more than ten years experience, there is no need of writing the year of graduation.

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You have to be very careful when writing your experiences. Don’t let it look as if you’re changing jobs! Therefore, either your CV or Resume is one page or two pages or more doesn’t matter provided that you make it concise.

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Summarily, an entry level CV shouldn’t go beyond one page, while experienced CV should be more than one page.

Furthermore, put the specific job you are applying for into consideration. Put attention to the requirements of the job because some companies uses Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to select CVs.

The ATS is a software programmed with a specific words to track, select or filter CVs with or without the appropriate words. It filters CVs that contain the expected keywords from the ones without.

This software only works on the CVs to select the ones with the right (key) words from the ones without the right words. Therefore, you have to apply the knowledge of keywords writing on your CV either is a one page or more and ensure it is succinct enough.

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However, some jobs requires two pages CV. Such as Data Analyst, Accountant, Software Developer, Project Manager, Business development and sales, Financial analyst, Marketing, Digital marketing and Engineering.

Conclusively, consideration of CVs either one page or two by the employer depends on the level of your qualifications to meet the requirements of the job you are eyeing. Experienced based CV should be succinctly written in two pages while Entry level CV is succinctly written in one page.

Updated: January 25, 2021 — 7:22 am

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