Should a CV be One page or Two page?

Many individuals find themselves grappling with the question of how long their CV should be, often pondering whether it should span one page, two pages, or more. The critical factor, however, is to craft a concise CV that effectively highlights relevant experiences. The ideal length of your CV hinges on your level of expertise, a crucial consideration tailored to the specific job application.

Referring to a Career Builder Survey conducted in 2013, it was revealed that 77% agreed that seasoned workers should present at least a two-page CV or more, while entry-level CVs should ideally be limited to one page. Additionally, 39% of experienced workers acknowledged that their resumes were condensed to a single page.

For fresh graduates, a one-page CV is generally expected. The rationale behind this perspective is that a recent graduate, lacking prior organizational experience, may not have exposure to a wealth of professional encounters. However, if you possess industry experience, it’s advisable to incorporate it into your CV, ensuring brevity while portraying you as an exemplary candidate.

Furthermore, the strategic use of keywords aligned with the job’s requirements is paramount. Keywords, integral to job qualifications, should be seamlessly integrated into your CV. Whether your CV is one page or more, concise usage of keywords and skills is crucial. Avoid embellishments such as fancy fonts, colors, and graphics. Regarding educational history, omitting your CGPA after being out of school for more than two years is acceptable. Similarly, if you boast over a decade of experience, specifying the year of graduation may become redundant.

Exercise caution in detailing your work experiences, maintaining a seamless narrative to avoid appearing job-hopping. Whether your CV spans one page or more is immaterial; the key is to ensure it remains concise.

In summary, entry-level CVs should not surpass one page, while experienced CVs may extend beyond this limit. Consider the specific job you are applying for, as some positions, including Data Analyst, Accountant, Software Developer, Project Manager, Business Development and Sales roles, Financial Analyst, Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Engineering, may warrant a two-page CV.

Ultimately, the employer’s consideration of CV length, whether one page or two, is contingent upon your qualifications aligning with the job requirements. Experienced-based CVs should be succinctly articulated within two pages, while entry-level CVs are typically concise at one page. Additionally, take into account the job’s requirements, as some companies utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter CVs based on specific keywords, emphasizing the importance of strategic keyword usage in your CV.

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