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A Sample of Well Written CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Are you a job seeker? If ‘yes’, check out a sample of a well written CV in this post.

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A CV is a document that shows a summary of one’s academic background, experience and credentials. It is always written and attached to a job cover letter.

How to easily write your CV

Below is how you can write a well structured CV;

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1. Your personal details

You can provide your personal details by writing out your full names, Address, nationality, date of birth, and then indicating your reachable contacts like phone number(s) or email address.

2. Provide your profile

This should show your values, commitments and beliefs that will make employers want to hire you.

3. Provide your job experience

Indicate your past employment and previous roles. If you don’t have any work experience, skip this part.

4. Provide your educational background

Start by stating the higher level (or most recent education) attained to the lowest. Note thst providing the grades in each level is a choice as one can either write or omit.

5. Provide your skills

What skills do you have? Indicate skills you are competent, aside education achievements. Example: a well qualified driver.

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6. Hobbies or interests

The next is your hobbies, although it is not always necessary. But if you choose to provide it, ensure they don’t conflict with the kind of job you are applying for.

7. Provide the referees

Your employer can know you better through your referees. Ensure you provide their names and contacts.

A Sample of A Well Written CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Nigeria Style;

A Sample of Well Written CV (Curriculum Vitae)

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