Npower Payroll Page – Meaning of Payment Data Not Available

A new page known as Npower Payroll Page has been introduced to the Nasims portal.

It is being accessed on beneficiaries dashboard. Read also: Npower Payroll: What Does It Mean?

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Those who had login to their profile dashboard are wondering what actually the “No Payment Data Available” means.

As this is what shows/pop up whenever they visit the payroll page.

What No Payment Data Available On Npower Payroll Page Means

Those seeing the “No Payment Data Available” on their profile and are worried should know what it actually portray.

It simply means that, your payment history has not been updated in the Nasims portal.

Once you receive any payment via the Npower scheme, it will disappear from the payroll lag page.
The payroll page is meant for prompt recording of all stipends paid to beneficiaries on monthly basis.

All payment history right from the first month to the last month of volunteers will be recorded on this page.

Every beneficiary is entitled to start receiving their stipends every month.

Especially once the beneficiariy had completed all the steps and requirements needed.

The current Npower Batch C beneficiaries are expected to be in the program for twelve (12) months.

Within these months, all payment transactions will be updated on the payroll payment of the volunteers.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. When will Npower pay? Some people are already receiving their stipends. When will those of us using UBA Bank account receive ours?

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