Difference Between CV and Resume (Clear Explanation)

You can never write a good CV or Resume if you don’t know the difference between a CV and Resume. Many people usually mistake the two, and that could be the reason they have not been invited for an interview. In this post, we will give you a clear differentiation between resume and CV, and when to make use of them.

Before we tell you the difference between the both documents (CV and Resume), let’s define them as it will help us for deep understanding. See how to write a good CV for fresh graduates (with sample).

What is a CV?

A CV is an acronym of the Latin words “Curriculum Vitae” which means the course of life Latin. Therefore, a CV is a record of one’s career, skills, educational background and achievements.

What Is A Resume?

A Résumé, a French word which means a document that summarises one’s overall educational career and other relevant information. This document is usually required for employment purpose.

With the definitions above, you would have an idea what the differences are. But we will give you more detailed clarifications. Just keep reading!

Difference between a CV and Résumé

Difference between CV and Resume

Both CV and Resume can serve the same purpose, but it’s important you know the difference, and which one you need to submit for a particular job.

1. Details

A CV contains a COMPLETE information of your education, career, skills, achievements, etc. while a Resume is just a brief or summary of this information.

2. Length

Because A CV contains complete information, it’s usually lengthy (3 to 6 pages), while a Resume is short with about 1 to 2 pages. Check out: Should a CV be One page or Two page?

3. Style

Resume is more flexible than CV. It can be arranged from the first to latest information or from the latest to the first Information. While a CV is less flexible and requires the information to be given in a chronological order.

4. Target

A resume targets the company with the main highlighting of your career, education, skills, etc (different Résumé for different company. But CV is more detailed and flamboyant (One CV for all companies)

When to use a CV and Resume

Now that you know the difference between a CV and Resume, let’s show you when to use them.

Job Purpose: When applying for a job, especially in African country, submit a well-written Resume to your potential employer. In a country like Nigeria, if they ask you to submit your CV for a job, what the employer means is Résumé because they don’t know the difference reason they mistake the two.

Academic Purpose: When applying for a position in an academic Field, what you need to submit is a CV.

Medical Field: Medical professionals also need a CV which contains amongst other things their educational background and publications.

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