Top 10 Important Skills To Include On Your CV

The essence of this post is to highlight on important skills to include on your CV or resume. Most employers requests for CV from interested applicants before shortlisting them for an interview.

Skills to include on your cv

To be among the shortlisted candidates for an interview, you need to add relevant skills to your CV. The most attractive CV are the ones that are simple and also have a lot of valid information and vital skills.

It should be designed in such a way to correspond with many special features like Education qualification, skills, and work experience. If you don’t a work experience, read how to get job in Nigeria without work experience. Your CV should also be comprehensible with simple grammar.

Nowadays, organization normally devoted their time in selecting the best suited candidate from lots of applicants.

The skills on your CV should incorporate any valid skill in relation to the position been sought after.

A CV acts as a pre information to the employer and it gives a degree of individual expertise and areas of strength.

There are substantial and non substantial skills an individual may iadd to his or her CV.

The substantial skills can be determined and are tangible while the non substantial skill can be determined and are mainly innate and can be seen as duty progresses.

Top 10 important skills to include on your CV

Below are vital skills to include on your CV or resume;

1. Smartness and result oriented

Smartness and result oriented skills shows that the person can think quantitatively and qualitatively towards any challenges that might face the organization.

Result oriented skills is the ability to be mindful to achieve the desired result for the success of the task been assigned. It enables one to implore areas that will bring solutions.

This skill are mostly sort out for because it aids the establishment or company to seek for individual who will not only work but be innovative.

2. Adequate communication skills

For an organization to be successful, there must be an interpersonal communication link.

The individual should be able to devise a means whereby all the units in the company should relate to his or her own unit with adequate communication skills.

Effective interpersonal communication shows that information will be passed through the appropriate link and it should be understood. It enables the various units or sections in an organization to work hand in hand together.

3. Adaptability

Adaptability skills suggest to the employer that the applicant can be modelled to act in any capacity in the company. This shows that an individual is versatile with enough wealth of knowledge and can adapt to any working situation(s) that might be given to him or her.

This skill makes the bearer to be outstanding and also acts as an assurance that he or she can serve the organization in any capacity without finding it difficult.

4. Conflict Resolution

Crisis is always bound to occur in any working environment. The ability of one to handle conflict situations and to reduce tension when necessary has a long way in making the individual so different from the lot.

Managing peoples feelings will show that you are aware of your colleagues.

5. Work experience

Work related experience is very vital because it explains your competency, your working history, and your breakthroughs. It shows your qualification s in a specified area and your experience so far.

Work related experience will help to enhance your expertise and make you highly sought after by employers who will also benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

6. Computer skills

In present day, world, there is a speedy transition to computer age. This shows that most organizations are now making use of computers.

A well compiled resume should have adequate computer operating skills or probably more advanced expertise in some computer programs and applications.

Adequate operation of some computer programs such as Microsoft or Excel will be an added advantage for you to be considered.

7. Work ethical skills

Ethics is moral duties and rules which are applied in an area of work. Including ethics in a resume gives a picture that the bearer is responsible and may not deviate from the company’s goals and policy.

It shows character, competency and responsibility. It enhances individual’s performance and personalities.

8. Time management

Time is the most valuable resources which cannot be regained.

Including that you are a good time manager in a resume implies that you are a goal getter. The ability of one to set a goal at a given moment and executes his target within the specific time range.

No employer would want to employ a person who is a time waster and lacking it in your resume will prevent you from having a presentable resume.

9. Professionalism skills

This skill in a resume shows that the bearer can be able to competently achieve all the organization’s goals by using all the other listed skills in an organized manner. It also shows that one can keep up to international best standards.

10. Interpersonal relationship

A good resume should contain a good interpersonal relationship skills ,this shows that you can coordinate and relate your coworkers to achieve a task.

It shows you can work as a group with a positive attitude towards your colleagues in other to give in your best to the organization.


Someone may have many sets of skills apart from the ones highlighted above, but it is necessary to include them so as to have an attractive resume.  Thank you

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