How to Use keywords in your CV to Get your dream Job

In our immediate previous article, emphasis has been laid on key points to note when writing your CV that increases opportunity. Furthermore, it has been brought to our understanding what a CV means and its sections. To recap, however, CV is a written document required from a potential employee in the process of job consideration by an employer. It is usually demanded in many organizations or firms before someone can be considered for a job. This document entails oneself information, skills, qualifications and experience (if any). Also check out How To Optimize Your CV For Quick Employment.

What is a keyword?

According to Collins dictionary, Keyword defines as ‘any significant word or phrase, especially a word used to describe the contents of a document’.

What is keyword in a CV?

From the above definition, we can accurately deduce that keywords in a CV or Resume are the words or phrases that are of most important in consideration for the requirements of a particular job. They are appropriate skills, abilities, documents and  criteria that are of most importance and beneficial to the employer. Also check out How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample).

For better clarification, when you search for something in the internet using google, google processes the most familiar, relevant and important words in the statement to give you your search result. Hope you are getting what a keyword means now?

Same thing is applicable when you are writing your CV or resume, there are words expected by the employer, words that are familiar and of most important to them, words that are ‘key’ – significant to them. Therefore, keywords are very important and using them in your CV or resume and cover letter will enhance your privilege of getting the job.

This information serves as an eye opener to people because many do not know about using key words in their CV.

Nowadays, employers use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to select CVs that met their criteria. This software uses keywords programmed into it to select the best CVs that matches the programmed words. If your CV passed the process, it is because your CV has the right (key) words.

The reason many employers use this software because they receive a lot of CVs regarding their job adverts and the best way to separate the shaft from the seed is to use the ATS. Doing this makes the selection easier for them.

How to find the right keywords for your CV

Don’t forget, There is different CV for different Job. In other words, you have to write a different CV for a different job.

When you see a job advert of interest, write your CV and cover letter to match the job descriptions using appropriate keywords.

Take critical observation on what the advert says about who to apply. For instant, the stipulated applicant’s qualifications that the employer is expecting. This is considered as your strength to know the keywords. In simpler term, the keywords are the qualifications and specifications requested by the employer.

However, if the job advert does not have enough details, you can make research on the description, duties and requirement of such job. Then you use its keywords in your CV. For instance, a marketing officer should have good communication and relationship skills, ability to persuade customers and make them patronize the company.

In addition to the above, you can search for what the company does, their vision and mission, what they believe in and their core value. After getting them, include them in your CV. If the company believes in innovation, therefore you should be innovative too. Then, put innovative skills in your CV.

How to use keywords in your CV or Resume

Kindly use keywords that are in accordance with the job you are seeking for. Ensure that your CV showcase the believe, core value and activities of the company you’re writing to. However, when including the keywords in your CV, do not include a skill that you do not have.

To improve your keywords in the CV, you can search for a related job and use the keywords there. This is a great secret! With this, you stand the chance to escape the judgment of ATS.

In your cover letter also, kindly ensure that the keywords like skills are included therein and ensure that they correspond with the essential keywords in the job advert. It is advisable you use the significant words used for the job description in the cover letter.

Understand that, it is the most relevant and significant words in the job advert that you should incorporate into you CV not that you should write every words you see there. No!

In the job advert, there may be required specification, desired specification, recommended specification or preferred specification. Make sure you understand them and use them appropriately to avoid penalty!

Conclusively, keywords are very important in CV or Resume writing. However, they must be moderate and logically professional. The purpose is to write a well written and attractive CV or Resume with an inclusion of skills/experiences required for a specific job.

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