Npower e-Screening For 2021 Batch C Applicants Ongoing

We are pleased to inform you that the N-Power scheme is currently screening 2021 Batch ‘C’ applicants via its online NASIMS portal. The management of the scheme is looking through the list of applicants, and it might take a while. All those who scale through the ongoing screening will be moved on the next stage, which is the physical verification. It might interest you to read these posts:

Phases of N-Power Batch ‘C’ Screening

Below are the phases of the ongoing N-Power screening:

  1. Online Test: All applicants are expected to login to their NASIMS portal dashboard and take Test. The test is multiple choice options, with 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. Check out the official Npower cut off mark for 2021 Batch C NASIMS test.

  2. E-screening: At this stage, the Npower scheme would assess/check the credentials which applicants uploaded on NASIMS portal, and their test score to determine eligible candidates.

  3. Email Notifications: Messages would be sent out to qualify candidates for the next stage of selection processes, which is the N-Power physical verification.

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  1. I scored 60% on my online test.i am seeing screening on my dashboard,I click on it and am seeing take test . should I go ahead and click on the take the test?

  2. I scored 84% on the online test. I’m seeing screening on my dashboard, I click on it and am seeing take test. Should I go ahead and click on the take the test ?


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