Chelsea FC Women Regional Talent Club (RTC) Trials Application

The RTC is a centre that is strictly meant to improve, upgrade, enhance, and support the coaching activities for age groups teams (Under-10, Under-12, Under-14, and Under-16), and enable players identified as having elite potential the chance to gain support, and coaching level at earlier stage in their life.

Chelsea FC Women Regional Talent Club (RTC) Trials ApplicationA local charter standard mixed youth league is participated in, by the U10 and U12 age groups, whereas the U14, and Uprogramme organised by the FA. The FA Girls’ youth cup, and FA Girls’ youth plate is also participated by the U16 which are both knockout competitions.

The entry to the cup competitions, and the FA organised fixed programme are exclusive to RTCs.

The Regional Talent Club (RTC) program is being divided into three (3) parts/tiers, these parts/tiers provide greater support to the club, and enable working with team’s players, mostly the talented ones easier.

As opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ model that operates across a tiered concept, in which the delivery and funding elements are different across the three tiers that have been awarded to clubs.

The Aim of the tiers is to reflect where organizations are in terms of their individual infrastructure and growth. A currently tier 1 club is Chelsea.

The WSLA and RTC are both essential parts of the FA Girls’ England Talent pathway, to which the Chelsea football club women remain a huge part of.

The WSLA is competing in an U12 league, and the RTC consisting currently of four age groups with teams at U10, U12, U14, and U16. We will be operating an U11, U12, U14, and U10 team including our WSLA U18 team as we move into the 2021/2022 seasons.

We have split our RTC programme into two (2) phases, like many academy programme. The Under-10 to Under-12 teams are considered part of the foundation phase while Under-14 to Under-16 are part of the youth development phase. The Under-18 to Under-21 which is our WSLA are part of the professional development phase. The key differences within each phase is outline below;

Foundation phase (Under-10 to Under-12)

  • Training at the Chelsea FC training ground, Cobham. This will be done two times in a week.
  • On Saturdays, matches are played, both U10’s, and U12’s compete in the local grassroots boy leagues.
  • Syllabus of specific foundation phase.
  • Fixtures against other RTCs are hosted by or possibly travel down to play such game.

Youth development phase (Under-14 to Under-16)

  • RTC national cup.
  • Training at the Chelsea FC training ground, Cobham. This will be effective three (3) times on weekly basis.
  • Syllables of specific youth development phase.
  • Alongside fixtures against boys’ teams, the teams play in the FA Girls’ talent pathway league.
  • On Saturdays, matches are played at the Chelsea FC training ground, Cobham, Either Away, or home matches.

Professional development phase (Under-18 to Under-21)

  • Syllables of specific professional development phase
  • Travel will be made provision for, when it comes to away games.
  • Training at the Chelsea FC training ground, Cobham. This will be effective four (4) times weekly.
  • On Wednesdays’ matches are played at the Chelsea FC training ground, Cobham. Either Away and home matches, but the home matches is at the team stadium named aboved.
  • WSL academy cup.
  •  A nationwide league is play in the WSL academy league by the team. A game is also play against national league team, and women championship as well as a few fixture against the teams of the local boy’s.

The following will be received by all players that are registered within our programme;

  • Competitive fixture programme.
  •  Sessions of two pitch-based per week (Under-11 and Under-12).
  • A sessions of three pitch-based per week (Under-14 and Under-16).
  • Elite level training programme.
  • Sessions of movement specific/physical sessions embedded (Under-14s and Under-16s).
  • Workshop of parents (The journey home, winning vs development, how to create a non excuse culture).
  • Analysis – Games and training are uploaded, and recorded to Hudl for athletes to review performances of teams and players. 
  • Per month, one educational workshop (menstrual cycle, sleep, nutrition, education, safeguarding, psychology and more will be taken).

    Our structure of staffing consist of the following;

  • Analyst.
  • Sleep expert.
  • Welfare lead, and safeguarding.
  • Menstrual cycle expert.
  • Nutrition expert.
  • football fitness coach.
  • Medical lead.
  • Technical coaches (UEFA A and B qualified) minimum of two per age group.
  • Player support and performance psychology.

    Additional support

  • Individualised movement/perhab programme.
  • Action plans of individual. Reviews of performance are based upon objective data, and not opinion.
  • Individualised approach to development, within the context of a team.

    Trial Application

You must meet all the criteria in order to apply;

a. You must have been educated in England for at least five (5) consecutive years or must have an English grandparents or parents
Age groups:

Under-11: Players born from September 1st 2010 to August 31st 2011.

Under-12: Players born from September 1st 2009 to August 31st 2010.

Under-14: Players born from September 1st 2007 to August 31st 2009.

Under-16: Players born from September 1st 2005 to August 31st 2007.

Under-18: Players born from September 1st 2003 to August 31st 2005.

b. Your home postcode must be within 1 hour 30 minutes travel time, when compared with the team’s base postcode (KT11 3PT).

The teams’ coaches, and Technical director are the ones that reviews all applications. Selected amount of players will be invited to take part in our trial process from there.

How to apply for Chelsea FC Women Regional Talent Club (RTC)

To apply, Click Here to submit your application.

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