Npower Cut Off Mark For 2022 Batch C NASIMS Test

The NPower Cut off mark for Batch ‘C’ online test is the minimum mark required to get through the next stage of selection process in the programme. Applicants who score more than the cut off mark will be selected (shortlisted), and those score below are discarded.

N-power test is a competitive exam, which is totally different from any other exams that you must have faced in your schools. In school exams, you compete with yourself to make good grades, but when it comes to N-power or other competitive exams like UTME or Post UTME , you compete with thousands other applicants.

So, in school exams, your success depends on how much efforts you have put in, but in N-power test, your success depends on how many people that you score higher than in that particular exam. Check why some N-Power Batch C applicants have not been shortlisted for verification.

What is the N-power Cut off Mark for Batch C Test?

Be informed that the official Npower cut off mark for Batch ‘C test has not been announced yet. Although, the Npower pass percentage or pass mark is 40%, but applicants are expected to score 70% and above to have greater chance of being shortlisted.

Understand that N-power Batch ‘C’ test is a competitive exam where you are competing with over 6 million registered applicants across Nigeria, in which only best 1,000,000 people will be taken. Therefore, the higher your test score, the higher your chances of winning. You can check out how to score above 70% in NASIMS N-power Batch C Test.

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38 thoughts on “Npower Cut Off Mark For 2022 Batch C NASIMS Test”

  1. N-power please i need to be shortlisted. I am ready to work and get paid please. Let me pray I get shortlisted soon

  2. Nura Yusuf Garba

    No matter the pass mark and the cut off in so far as the management is deligent in discharging its duties we would have all passed as someone who scored 70%.
    Imagine someone with 50% passed the stage but another with 70% not yet short listed.
    I wonder what the management say about the issue, one with lower grade passed another with a higher grade failed.


    I scored 60 percent but it show me am not yet shortlisted what that means? And the score were perished

  4. Murana Ibraheem Isola

    I really don’t know the criteria used by Npower to congratulate applicants via their dashboard. Those who really did well in the online test conducted have not been selected while the reverse is the case for those who scored lower marks.
    And more so, many people that have not been selected don’t see their scores on the dashboard again, but rather displaying ‘take test’.
    Like seriously, the criteria for selecting people should be released so that those yet to be selected will know their fate.
    Npower should be more justifiable more than this…. it’s really, really unfair. What’s the meaning of the test then?

  5. Abdullahi Chindo

    Most of the tests conducted is not by individual, the candidate gathered about 5-6 people in order to conduct a test, so the management should have to know how to resulve this issue please.

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