How to Get NASIMS ID for N-Power Batch C Test

We are pleased to remind you that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs inaugurated NASIMS portal for the N-power batch C programme. By implication, any N-Power applicant who do not update their records on the newly launched portal cannot take part in the online test. To qualify for N-power test, you need to, first update your records on NASIMS portal and get your NASIMS ID. So here we will show you how to get your NASIMS ID for N-power Batch C Test.


How to get your NASIMS ID for N-power Batch C Test

As said earlier, you need NASIMS ID to write Npower test. Follow the procedures below to get your NASIMS ID:

  1. Visit NASIMS portal and login. But if you are just visiting the portal for the first time, go to

  2. Click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password.

  3. After you have successfully recovered your password, login using the new password and your email address.

  4. Click on update information button to re-fill your personal information including your passport.

  5. After providing the required details, submit.

  6. Upon submission, you will receive a pop-up message on your device screen that contains your NASIMS ID.

  7. Copy the ID and keep it safe because you will need it to write your N-power online test.

How to retrieve lost or forgotten NASIMS ID

If you’ve miss-placed or forgot your NASIMS ID, there is a way to recover it. Follow the steps below:

  • Login to your NASIMS dashboard.
  • Copy out your N-power Registration Number (the number starts with NPWR/2020/) as that is the same as your NASIMS ID.

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  1. It telling me all the time that my website name is not match with the certificate name, Am Bear my father name before but now am a married woman I bear my husband name, please what can I do to solve this,that’s the reason website name Doe’s not match with the certificate name

  2. Sir I do mistake about the account number during the test what is the solution sir

  3. Pls sir I try login so it’s showing me on my verification dashboard that I should try later what does that means

  4. Good day sir, have been trying to login for biometric. The site Is not open.

  5. After the confirmation of the receipt of my ID password, next is to Take Test, but each time I click on ‘Take Test’, it redirect me to Dashboard again, which requires I PROCEED. But immediately I click on it, it takes me to enter my ID and password info, but the portal continues to show me red alert that ‘PLEAS UPDATE YOUR DETAIL FROM THE SELF SERVICE PORTAL’ I have tried to change my passwords twice because of this, yet same message keep coming. What can I do here?

  6. Am trying to reset my password and was saying that my account can’t be found.what will I do?

  7. I try to recover my password from the nasims site but I keep getting the reply “account not found”

  8. Please after validating my BVN, the other information are finding it difficult to update. please i need help

  9. I tried to update but it keeps on telling me that I have some errors there pls let me know how to rectify it

  10. I clicked on the link for forget password,hoping to get a link for the reset of my password only to receive a mail that my password has been reset successfully. How do I log in now?

  11. I think the up message (ID) is same with the one on our dashboard, why is it processing and not taking me to the test platform?

  12. I try to log in but it keep telling me that your account cannot be found what should I do

  13. The issue is that, when I click on forgot telling me my account is not found

  14. I tried updating my records several and it keeps telling my Account not how do u do now?

  15. I’ve been trying to update and validate my profile but it keeps telling me BVN details not found.. What should I do please?

  16. It’s not taking me to the test, when I provided the npower code and the password it’s still showing to upload my details in red down the page. Please help me iron out

  17. I have been trying to update my profile but it keeps telling me Bvn details not found. How do I fix this please

    • HV been trying to update my profile but when I press the forget password,it will tell me something went wrong try again later since yesterday

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