Ahmed Isah (ordinary president) biography and Net Worth

Ahmed Isah, famously know by Nigerians as “Ordinary President” for his human rights undertakings which are focused on getting justice for the lowly and oppressed in the society, Ahmed Isa is a radio broadcaster and reality host show called the Brekete family show. Here we should take a look at Ahmed Isah biography and net worth.

Ahmed Isah biography

Ahmed Isah profile and career

Although Ahmed Isa’s popularity has grown among Nigerians as a result of his engagement in human rights activities that have endeared him to many, but interestingly, much is not known about him in terms of his state of origin and his date of birth. But according to the little information available, he was said to have been born on 1st January (year unknown). Ahmed Isah is married with children.

Berekete family history

Brekete Family was founded by Ahmed and the first edition of its radio show aired on Kiss FM Abuja in 2009 and later on Crowther Love FM. As a result of the success the show recorded, Human Rights Radio Abuja, was birthed. Brekete Family is known by Nigerians for seeking justice for the helpless. Beneficiaries of the broadcast have praised Brekete Family for empowering people in several ways, which include securing financial assistance.

The official language of the program is Pidgin, a language understood and spoken by millions of Nigerians who are mostly those without formal education. It features real-life issues and events concerning human rights, gaining a wide acceptance and mass appeal, especially because of its nature of operation, similar to a community network. Therefore they reach out to the underprivileged, and intervene on behalf of the victims of daily human rights abuse.


In recent time, Ahmed Isah has been enmeshed in controversies bordering on physical assaults, which were caught on camera and distributed on social media platforms. In May 2021, in a documentary made and aired by BBC Africa, he was shown slapping the aunt of a minor whose hair was reportedly sprinkled with Kerosene and was set ablaze by her aunt who accused the girl of being a witch. The assault came after Ahmed was angered by the unsatisfactory answer provided by the woman when she was asked about how she got to know the young girl was a witch.

Earlier, Ahmad had called a top police chief in Abuja, live on air, and sought justice for the child, having donated 2 million Naira for the child’s mother to learn a trade and also to take care of the child.

Again, in the same month, another video which was supposedly recorded on 19 October, 2020, captured him slapping a young man and was shared virally on social media. Ahmed accused the young man of writing names of quests on the show without his approval. This led to the suspension of his operational licence by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

Ahmed Isah Net worth

Due to the scarcity of information about his personal life, it is difficult to know his net worth. But with his popularity and the assistance he renders to helpless people, it is understood that he lives a comfortable life.

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    I understand reason for not disclosing to the public his assets for our Nigerian culture,is not mature for such news that will distabilze his human rights watch.

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