Ebuka Obi Of Zion Ministry: Source of Power, Biography and Net Worth

Ebuka Obi Of Zion Ministries

Evang. Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi is the founder and spiritual director of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO). The Zion Ministry was established in 2009, as a non-denominational ministry with over 180 branches worldwide, under the insightful leadership of Ebuka Obi. Ebuka Obi is a popular and anointed Evangelist ministering under the umbrella of the Catholic Church. … Read more

List Of The Oldest Presidents In Africa

Oldest Presidents In Africa

In the dynamic terrain of African politics, the age of presidents frequently piques interest and raises issues about leadership, wisdom, and the continent’s destiny. It has recently aroused outrage among the younger generation, who think that if given the opportunity, youths can govern better. This has resulted in an increase in the number of African … Read more

Meet The Africans Leading Top World Organizations

In a world where influence knows no bounds, five extraordinary Africans have risen to the fore, leading some of the world’s most prominent and revolutionary organizations. Their paths have been distinguished by consistent achievement, bringing them to the pinnacle of their respective professions. It is critical to recognize that these trailblazers represent only a small … Read more

List Of Crypto Billionaires You Don’t Know

Joseph Lubin

People were concerned about the potential impacts of bitcoin in 2007. However, it has subsequently become a popular investment choice. There are numerous cryptocurrencies available for purchase nowadays. These are the best bitcoin buying applications in the UK. Participating in the crypto industry allows you to fast accumulate big wealth. Here is a list of … Read more

10 Richest Families In Nigeria

Richest Families In Nigeria

Nigeria, branded the “Giant of Africa,” has a robust economy that has produced a large number of rich individuals and families. Over the years, these families have made important contributions to the nation’s economic environment and expansion. As we progress through this blog article, we will look at the top ten wealthiest families in Nigeria … Read more

10 Richest Pastors in the World and Their Net worth

Richest pastors in the world

Within the realm of Christianity, there are influential preachers who have not only made a significant impact on their followers but have also amassed substantial wealth. In this article, we will show you top 10 richest pastors in the world and their net worth.From diverse countries and backgrounds, these individuals have built remarkable fortunes through … Read more