Key Points to Note when Writing your CV to Increases your Chances

CV is a document required by employers from job seekers. This particular document is usually demanded from everyone seeking for a job. Key points to note when writing your CV to increases your chances.

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Often, the presentation of your CV determines your level of consideration for the job you are seeking for. However, being qualified is good, but the manner at which you present it is very important.

Therefore, for better understanding of key points to note when writing your CV, let’s first look at vital parts you must include in your CV.

Important parts of a CV

Below are important parts to include in your CV;

1. Heading

This is the first section in the CV. It includes your contact address, phone number, email address and name.

2. Educational History

It is your academic qualifications. Here, you write the history of your education. However, you start from the highest to the lowest. For instance, where you got your masters to your elementary certificate.

3. Skills gained

This section is very essential in your CV. If you have the right skills and you listed them, the skills might differentiate you from others. Hence, you have a better chance of them.

This is a section where you let your employer know what you can offer them. The strength and ability you have, the skills you have gotten that will enhance your efficiency in the work place is written in this section. E.g. Creative thinking, proficient in Microsoft excel, and so on.

4. Experience

Here is the section where you write where you have worked before and a brief description of the duty. It is advisable to only write experiences that are related to the job you are applying for.

5. Referees

This is where you write the names of people who can stand for you. People that the employer can call in case of emergency. They are usually three.

Key points to note when writing your CV

Below are key points to note when writing your CV;

  1. Use professional ‘e-mail address. Gmail is preferable in this contest. It must be an e-mail address that has your full name.

  2. If you are writing a summary as part of the CV, it must be concise depicting your value and prospect.

  3. Fresh graduates’ CV is not expected to be over one page. Note that. Unless someone that has many years of experience, then such person’s CV can be more than a page.

  4. Write your names in an appropriate order. Your first name should come before your surname.

  5. Never send your CV as a word doc. The reason been that it may get scattered on getting to another person’s system. Therefore, ensure that you send your CV in PDF format. However, doing this required you to convert it from the initial word document to PDF through a document converter. See how to convert your CV from Microsoft (doc) to PDF.

  6. Ensure you proof read your CV before sending it. This will enable you to see if there is anything missing or wrong, then you correct it and use it for your desirable purpose.

In conclusion, make sure you write a different CV for a different job because their requirements may be different.

Trust you are blessed reading this article.

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