What Happens When A Corps Member Misses NYSC Headcount

It’s unfortunate that many Corps members do not know what NYSC headcount is all about or what happens if they are not counted in the exercise.

Before we show you the penalty for missing the NYSC headcount exercise, let’s first explain what headcount of corps members is all about.

A headcount is an unannounced data collation exercise of Corps members by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The NYSC supervisors outside your state will visit your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and take attendance of Corps members they see. If you are not present in your PPA at the time of their visit, you will be penalized.

The particular date or time for the exercise is usually unknown by Corps members, as the main purpose for the exercise is to detect ‘ghost’ corps members. So, there used to be no official announcement from NYSC regarding a headcount.

However, if you have a good LGI, he/she will hint on the date you should be expecting a headcount. The headcount supervisors come like a thief (unannounced).

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If you are a serving Corps member, you should expect a headcount any time. Ensure you are always at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Also, keep a close contact with your LGI and CLO as they will inform you when the headcount supervisors are around.

Be active in the WhatsApp group of your PPA, and be in touch with corper colleagues.

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It’s funny to hear some Corps members saying they are waiting for NYSC official publication for a headcount exercise. Do thieves tell owners when they are coming?

So, NYSC will never tell you when they are coming for a headcount. The essence of the exercise is to catch ghost Corpers, and every Corps is assumed to be ghost until proven otherwise.

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Now, you know what headcount is, let’s look at the penalties when you miss NYSC headcount.

What happens when a corps member misses headcount

In line with the NYSC rules, those who miss the nationwide headcount, will be issued a query by NYSC from office of your state coordinator, through your LGI. The query must be defended within 24hrs of issuance. See sample below;

nysc headcount

Penalties are;

  • Extension of service year without pay.
  • Forfeiture of monthly allowance
  • Others

Updated: September 7, 2020 — 1:32 pm

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  1. So now sir ; whenever our school resume we should resume as a corper too right ?

  2. Sadisu Attahiru Smag

    Did headcount commenced to 37 state including FCT or it’s selective process.

  3. What happens if someone’s school ID is missing, is there other means of clearance in the camp? Please what should be done.

  4. Thanks a lot for the info and clarity. I do have a question though
    From the above piece,Does headcount apply to corpers who have a company as their PPA?? Or is just in public schools and ministries?

    1. Headcount applies to all corps members

  5. How can headcount exercise will be done while all copers were not around do to covic 19.

  6. Pls, is there an order that corps members to go back to service because most of us are still in our various hometown right now, pls hint us on what to do.

    1. There is no such order. Contact your LGI for hint


    In the process of this Covid-19 pademic where corps members has not been told to resume and headcount vicit on knowing to the corps members and he/she missed,would any corps members face the punishment

    1. Despite lockdown, NYSC pays you. therefore you are expected to be in place of primary assignment. Find out from your LGI if headcount applies to you.

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