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Npower Shortlist: How hackers will use your stolen information

If you have entered your empower login information into the cloned N-power website, read this post to the end.

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There is a cloned NPOWER website with this URL ( circulated across the social media. The fake website asks N-power applicants to check their name on a fake shortlist by providing their email and phone number.

Good numbers of applicant has already filled their email & phone for verification of application status. I can speak authoritatively as a Developer; the website is created with the intention to gather applicants’ personal data for a hacking purpose if proactive steps is not taken after login into the fake website.

Many applicants status has been verify to be successful while some are not selected. Organizations of all sizes fall victim to cyber security threats every day, N-power is no exception.

Please disregard The chances of hacker using the provided details in hacking your social media account or personal details are very simple.

There is a hacking software called data keeper manager (premium version) amongst others which make used of your email or phone number submitted anywhere in tracking & downloading your personal data including password to enable them hacked into your account.

Hackers installed the software on their phone & laptop for the purpose of stealing personal data.

Be mindful of website you provide your details/login account because every system has ways of storing the submitted data in the backend/server forever except deleted by the Developer.

Stop filling personal data using “google form” no standard organization or corporate body accepts information through such format.

No Federal Government establishment can use free email service such as ( rather their email always end with official website hosting domain name. e.g. See FG cautions Nigerians over fake Npower shortlist.

Advancement in technology have polished cyber crime to look like a real business.

Please, share this information until it gets to everyone..

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane


    I have logged in to this fake website, I never knew it was fake😭😭 what will I do

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