Apply Now: SMEDAN/Sterling Bank Loan For MSMEs [N5 Billion]

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) has partnered with Sterling Bank to provide a loan of N5 billion to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria. This loan aims to support and empower MSMEs in the country.

The two organizations recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at SMEDAN Corporate Headquarters in Idu, Abuja.

What is SMEDAN?

SMEDAN stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria. It is an agency of the Nigerian government that focuses on promoting and developing MSMEs in the country. SMEDAN provides various services and support to help MSMEs grow and succeed.

What are MSMEs?

MSMEs are Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. These are small businesses that have a limited number of employees and generate a relatively small amount of revenue compared to larger companies. MSMEs play a crucial role in the economy by creating jobs and contributing to economic growth.

According to SMEDAN, MSMEs can apply for loans ranging from N250,000 to N2,500,000, depending on their business records. Once the repayment is completed, these MSMEs will be eligible for a higher loan amount to support their business growth or expansion.

Applying For A Loan

If you are an MSME in Nigeria and interested in applying for this loan, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Visit the SMEDAN website on or contact their office to obtain the loan application form.

2. Fill out the application form with accurate and complete information about your business.

3. Submit the application form along with any required documents to SMEDAN.

4. SMEDAN will review your application and assess your eligibility for the loan.

5. If approved, you will receive the loan funds to support your business.

This simplified application form is your pathway to obtaining financial support. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your current one, this form has been designed to make the loan application process efficient and accessible. Take advantage of this opportunity today to unlock the potential for your future success.


The SMEDAN/Sterling Bank N5 billion loan is a fantastic opportunity for MSMEs in Nigeria to access the funds they need to grow their businesses. By partnering with Sterling Bank, SMEDAN aims to empower entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the MSME sector in the country. If you are an MSME, don’t miss out on this chance to take your business to the next level!

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