StandTogether Essay And Artwork Competition | How To Apply

Are you an African with the zeal to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, and possibly bring about a reliable remedy that can help reduced the damages it has caused on mankind? If ‘yes’ then this opportunity is for you, as you will be privileged to put all the ideas into writing and end up winning a prize in the ‘One StandTogether Essay and Artwork Competition’.

Truth be told, the Covid-19 pandemic caused severe damages to humans, and even up till date it is affecting the economy, societies/communities, and lives globally.

To help reduce the pandemic effect on mankind, a body known as ONE has come up with One ‘StandTogether Essay and Artwork Competition’, where participants will bring their various ideas on how the COVID-19 pandemic can be defeated and erase from planet earth. This competition is solely for Africans who fall within the age bracket of thirteen to thirty-five (13 – 35) years old.

How To Be a Participant of the Competition
There are two basic ways one can use in partaking in the competition. It is therefore the choice of the participants to enter into the competition with the area he/she knows will be better;

1. Submitting a n Essay

Interested Africans who are good at delivering their ideas through essay writing are expected to write an essay that is lesser than one thousand words (MS Word or PDF format) on the topic “How Africa can come together to end the COVID-19 pandemic”.

2. Submitting an Artwork

Similar to the first method of entry, applicants who wishes to get into the competition with their Artwork should kindly upload the artwork (which must be on either PNG, JPG, or PDF format) on the theme “How Africa can come together to end the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Qualification Process

Public voting method will be used to select the finalist and winners of the both categories. A panel will be setup during this phase of the competition, to scrutinize entries of the participants.


Anyone that makes it to the final will be given a special ONE merchandise bag.
The winners will receive;

– Either a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (2020 model) or a 13 inch MacBook Pro (2020 model), depending on the individual’s choice.

– Special ONE merchandise bag.

– An opportunity to be connected/See one of the artist who partakes in the ONE #StandTogether Anthem (Virtually).

Additional rewards are;

  1. Winners who are students will make their institution be lucky to receive Apple iMac retina computer.

  2. The profiles of the top five participants will be on the official webpage of ONE, and also on their social media platforms/channels.

To proceed with the processes or make further enquire click here.

Closing Date: 20th of August 2021.

Kindly rebroadcast this information, so others can benefit from the competition.

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