Steps to Apply for MamaCash Grants (Up to $2,000)

MamaCash grants is reportedly the oldest international women fund program. The program supports women initiatives promoting women’s rights and social change. It simply investing in women and girls to make the world a better place, just and sustainable. Here we will show you steps to apply for MamaCash grant. Before that kindly note that grant is different from loan. Grant requires no pay back, while loan can be paid back, even with interest.

Steps to Apply for MamaCash GrantsThe official portal to submit your application for Mama Cash grants is:

Before we proceed, you can also apply for Dele Momodu N5000 Grants for Nigerians.

Types of grants available

Mama Cash is a Foundation that supports women’s rights groups and organisations in Africa. Below are the available grant categories;

General support grants

This grants enable different organizations to fulfill the basic conditions for their activities by providing fund to paying for office costs, staff costs, volunteers, and capacity building of the organization.

Project grant

This grant is for costs directly related to a specific project that the group initiated and/or organized.

Travel grants

The grants are to provide support for individuals part of women’s rights organizations to attend training, conferences, linking, and learning events which will help the organization to build their knowledge and capacities in the area of their activities and to strengthen their network.

MamaCash supports women’s groups and organizations in Africa and across the world that: Promote women’s human rights and advance positive change for women in law, policies, and practices led by women, and where the majority of staff members are women have limited access to larger funding sources because they are small, new, or working on issues considered risky or taboo strengthening women’s rights in ways that are innovative, groundbreaking, taboo-breaking, and pioneering; Amounts within Mama Cash’s funding range: Between € 500 and € 20,000 per year.

Criteria: MamaCash grants for women’s rights groups focuses on five (5) main areas:

  • Bodily integrity
  • Economic justice
  • Agency and participation
  • Peace and security
  • Art, culture, and media.

Only applications that fulfill the criteria and fit in with the policy for the region will be considered for a grant.

Source: nyscinfo

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