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Sterling bank Plc is a full service commercial bank where businessmen and individual have much access to loan with operations across Nigeria. Its head office, sterling towers, are located on Lagos island.

Apply for Sterling Management Development Program Recruitment 2021As said before, the bank provides banking services to individuals, small businesses and large organizations. For business and investment, sterling bank has the strong ability in carrying out activities with a growing retail present be a modern era where loan is important and advisable to investors and businessmen who today have 70% rate of surviving through loan.

Loan is important through banks to mass, one needs to know the percentage rate, the terms of repayment, the repayment period, the fees involved in processing the loan finally it is advisable to have a credible bank statements which stand as a prove that you are qualified to enroll for loan.

Major loans Sterling bank offers to its customers

Specta and Social lender are the two major loans Sterling bank offers to their customers. Both loans can either be used for business or personal purposes.

Whereby, the Social lender operates with customers registering by logging in with their social media profile. So, the loan is best for individuals with a high social media reputation.

The Specta loan is the second loan package with much other packages attached to it. First, with Specta loan, one gets his/her loan into account within 5 minute. Up to N5miillion can be accessed without collateral. Another good thing about the loan is that it requires no paperwork or guarantor to get. To register for this loan: Visit closest Sterling bank branch to start your application processes.

Below are other several packages available to interested customers under Specta:

1. SpectaXtreme

This loan is specifically meant for business owners and salary earners. You can apply for this loan package regardless of the bank you use. With this package, you can access up to 2million naira, payable in one year with rate between 26% and 30%.

2. Specta Basics

With Spectra basics, it is an option which requires customer with Sterling bank account. The option offers a higher amount of 5million naira repayable in 4years. Though the repayable rates are flexible, since it has a long term of payment. Specta basics are open to both salary earners and businessmen.

3. Specta prime

This is a loan that allows customers who are investors to borrow in different currencies such as dollars, naira, euro, and British pound as they hope to earn interest on their investment.

4. Specta Allawee

It is a quick loan option available by sterling bank to entrepreneurs who want to expand his/ her business.

5. Specta quick cash

This gives up to 20000 naira quick cash to all individuals an offshoot of social lender option depending on their reputation on social media attached with the whole history of their bank transactions. It doesn’t matter to the user bank while applying for it.

What code can I use in borrowing money from sterling bank?

Sterling banks have its own code of borrowing money to their customer just as other banks do. Simply dial *822# which allows customers have access to basic financial services provided you have an account with the bank.


To those who have interest getting loan or more information through sterling bank should visit its official website or call customer care line. On 07008220000, 070078375464, 014484481-5 or send email to

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  1. Please run away from Sterling Bank loans. Nobody knows tomorrow, in case you run into problem, Sterling Bank will engage SCID Panti for recovery.

    They will visit your house. My experience with Sterling was so bitter. All they care is there money.


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