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The Speak Up, Stand Out – The SUSO Program For Changemakers 2021 is now accepting applications. The SUSO Program’s goal is to provide media and information literacy skills, as well as grassroots mobilisation abilities, to young community-based social changemakers and transformers to enable them participate meaningfully in their communities’ socio-political development and influence policies that affect youth.

The project will provide 20 activists with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to organise activism to address issues that affect young people, as well as find novel strategies to involve other young people and social actors in campaigns and social change. Activists will get technical and financial help on a monthly basis, as well as mini-grants, to develop and implement a pilot project with 25 Advocates in less than a year.

The SUSO Program is a joint effort of the Nigeria Youth SDGs Network, the Afrika Youth Movement, and the Center for Youth Advocacy and Development. The Voice Nigeria I-rant influencing Grant was used to fund this project.

About Nigerian Youth (NY)

The Nigerian Youth Network is a coalition of over 200 youth-led and youth-focused civil society organisations striving to ensure that Nigeria fulfils its promise to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at home and abroad.

The Nigerian Youth SDGs Network will give chances for youth-led/focused civil society organisations to make their voices heard as we hold the government responsible for the SDGs and create awareness across communities by informing everyone about the SDGs. We will collect data to track the implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria, foster collaboration across groups, and collaborate closely with government, academia, business, and religious stakeholders to ensure that the SDGs are met by 2030.

The SUSO Program’s Goals and Benefits for Changemakers

  1. Receive training and support in areas such as youth activism, youth mobilisation, media literacy, and more.
  2. Opportunity to lead a financed project with resources and assistance to ensure success.
  3. With a team of dedicated young people, you may realise your dream of making a positive difference in Nigeria.
  4. A monthly stipend is provided, as well as the ability to travel within Nigeria.

SUSO Program For Changemakers Requirements Qualification

  1. Open to young men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are passionate about any of the Program’s subject areas: education, employment, governance, peace and security.
  2. Applicants can be students, founders of a socially engaged organisation, or freelancers, but they must commit to the Program for at least 20 hours each week.
  3. Applicants must be available to engage in all aspects of the programme, including community project implementation, for the duration of the programme.
  4. Applicants must demonstrate leadership potential and be able to collaborate and interact with other young people from various cities.
  5. Applicants must be citizens of one of Nigeria’s three states: Abuja, Lagos, or Enugu.

Application Deadline: September 26, 2021.

How to Apply for SUSO Program For Changemakers 2021

If you’re interested and qualified, please fill out the form below.

To apply, go to and search for Nigerian Youth (NY).

Visit the SUSO website for further information.

Source: Nyscinfo

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