The Current Price Of Paint In Nigeria

Various paints come with different quality and prices. Although the prices do not necessarily determine the quality of the paint. You may have some brand of paints coming at a very cheap price but have high quality, or a brand at a high price but of low quality. Here, we shall look at the price of paint in Nigeria.

Categories of paints based on brand

There three categories of paints in Nigeria, they are:

First category: Dulux, Berger, Meyer and IPWA.

Second category: President, Portland, Sandex, Eagle.

Third category: Finecaoat, Prestige, Precious, Value, etc.

Based on uses, paints are categorized into various groups which are:

Emulsion, Synthetic/Enamel, Wood Varnishes (waterborne and solvent based), Wood adhesives, Primers/Anti, Corrosion, Colorants, Metallic/special effects, Structural, Puties, Epoxy for industrial painting, Fire retardant and fire intumescent and Anti bacteria paints.

The prices of paints in Nigeria as shown here is a rough breakdown. Have it in mind that, most paints are priced based on their colours (white and others). Therefore, the choice of choosing the one you want is basically yours.

The current price of paint in Nigeria

(Prices for 20 liters paints):

  • Dulux white paint N18,551
  • Dulux colored N16,700
  • Meyer white N13,644
  • Meyer colored N13,494
  • Eagle white N7,000
  • Eagle colored N6,500
  • President N6,500
  • President colored N5,000
  • Sedapin N17,000
  • Dunn Edwards N11,000
  • Sandtex colored N14,000
  • Sandtex white N9,000
  • Silka colored N12,000
  • Silka white N7,000
  • Allwin N12,000
  • Peacock white N5,000
  • Peacock colored N3,000
  • Saclux white N3,000
  • Saclux colored N5,000


We have helped you researched the prices of paints in Nigeria in this article. However, because of the continuous rapid changes in the prices of commodities across all Nigerian markets, we advise that you consider going to the market with extra amount of cash as prices may change at any given time. Also, the prices may differ based on locations across Nigeria.

Subsequently, there could be other little unpopular brands of paints selling in your area which we may not know of, but the ones we have included here are the most popular paints in Nigeria, mostly used at the moment.

Last, we advise you buy directly from branded stores or accredited and authorized dealers of each brand to avoid being shortchanged by the retailers.

Source: Nyscinfo

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