The DG is not in the position to pay any arrears – NYSC

The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) on its official Facebook page has said the NYSC DG is not in position to pay any arrears.

While replying comments, the scheme warned Corps members against staging a protest, said it is an offence in NYSC.

“If you break oath through Strike or Protest, be ready to face the consequences…NYSC cannot pay whatever the Federal government has not approved”.

Below is the statement as published on the NYSC official Facebook page.

“The attention of the Management of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme has been drawn to a false story purported to have emanated from the Director – General of the Scheme, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim to the effect that Corps Members would receive arrears as a fall out of the recent pay raise given to them by the Federal Government which has been roundly appreciated by Corps Members and Nigerians.

Indeed, the fulfillment of the promise of the increment by the Federal Government is borne out of utmost concern for the welfare of our patriotic youths and commencement date is January 2020 as budgeted in the 2020 fiscal year.

“Therefore, Corps Members and members of the public are hereby advised to disregard the so – called *purported breaking news from the DG NYSC, Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim announcing the payment of various sums of money as arrears to ex – Corps Members of 2018 batches and serving Corps Members of 2019 batches.

Kindly verify information from the NYSC official platforms or the State Secretariats nationwide on issues concerning the Corps. Never respond to bogus instructions on phantom sites and sources.

Be rightly guided please.

Thank you


This post attracted mix reactions after publication. Below are the screenshots image of NYSC responses to Corps members who asked for their arrears to be paid.

If you have anything to say as regards to Corps members arrears, go to the comment section below.

22 thoughts on “The DG is not in the position to pay any arrears – NYSC”

  1. Federal government should understand that paying this arrear is just a good job done for corpers so that they established or do something with, dis youth are power of a nation… I know the money is there pls paid them so that they can invest on what they learn on “SAED”

  2. Timothy Toma Duwara

    Hmm,let us tell our self the truth, and do what is right…
    Think very well God is watching pls.

  3. We are just enslaved, they forced us to serve after debutant efforts in the colleges and versities, Allah will surely wipe our tears they can’t block what almighty destined us to get. We promote the unity of the country and finally we didn’t deserve the arrears. I wish they were in my position and vice-versa.

  4. Sir, I will like to know if there is any way out or solution. I clocked 30years by april 2019 and graduated the same year but in november. And i wish to go for service.
    What advice can you give me. Thanks

  5. The regime of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan increased minimum wage and pay arrears as well for Corp members,if this government fails to pay arrears,it is likely because the current Nysc management haven’t done their homework well, because the scheme ought to have capture the arrears in the national budget and present the same to the ministry of finance for ratification, I don’t want to assume that Nysc is so dormant that they don’t know how to do thier job,Abeg pay our money before things get out of hand

    1. Adavuruku Milan

      They’re saying budgeted in 2020 budget, is it not thesame Federal Government that’s paying Corps Members monthly? It is crystal clear that for that period of one (1) full year they’re part of Federal Government.

      So, I plea with the Federal Government (FG) to consider all Corps Members who deserves the arrears because some of them might use it to start a small scale business.

      …God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
      …God Bless The GCFR, Mr President
      …God Bless The DG of Corps Members

  6. If the Government won’t pay us arrears they shouldn’t have increased the allowance, since other sectors have been paid arrears as a result of the minimum wage increment, we should also be paid, we work more than some of the civil servants in our different PPAs.
    Someone posted that we “are not going to be paid the arrears because we are not civil servants”
    Now my question is, when the allowance was increased unlike civil servants’,who were we(Corps Members)?
    Since civil servants are paid, please ours should be paid too. This is what will give us (19A) joy as we are passing out.

  7. Ezeh Okechukwu Joseph

    I’m aware that corps members were paid in accordance with the directives from FG and DG is not in position to pay our arrears. I believe DG is an intermediator between corps members and FG. He should let FG know what we are saying. We are only asking for what is ours, corps members honestly deserve the arrears. Since other sectors were paid in arrears then ours shouldn’t be different.

    I’m pleading on behalf of my colleagues. DG, please table our complain to FG, let’s know what the FG opinion is concerning this.

  8. They have paid NYSC official, but can’t pay corps members
    The scheme is corrupted if they cannot fight for corps members

  9. Please, it’s a way of empowering the out going and the out gone Corps Members. This arrears will serve as seed capital for some of us to start up something since most people cannot find job after their service year..
    Please pay us our arrears FG
    *FROM USA*

  10. With all due respect Mr. DG you said corps members are not civil servant, but you forgot that the NYSC act says you should pay corps members minimum wages. And also in our posting letter you ask the heads of our various PPA to treat us as equal with their permanent staff. Saying we will have equal rights. My question here is that, if the NYSC act says pay corps members at least minimum wages & we will be having same right with the staff of our PPA, please Mr. DG what differentiate us from been civil servant?
    And if protests is prohibited in Nigerian Army against the right, definitely it will never be the same in NYSC. Remember we are under Ministry of youth.
    Therefore i’m apologizing unbehave of those corps members that says they are coming out for protests.
    They should do it this way (WE ARE COMING OUT AS ONE FAMILY FOR PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION). But all this will not make a difference. As a father to all since you are not in a position to pay corps members their arrears, please help your children to make a move about the payments through the Federal government.
    God bless NYSC
    God bless DG
    God bless Nigeria

  11. Lawan Alhaji Modu

    We thought the nysc DG is just like a father to us, who will Stand firmly to follow due processses and appeal to the FG to pay NYSC arrears. Bcoz this the nysc has organizes lecturesfor us about entrepreneurship in camp and post camp, this means that indirectly there isn’t available job after National assignment, my question here is that, how can u expect us to implement/excute the skills we have been taught in camp without money???? So pls we are appealing, pleading and begging the FG to pls pay us our arrears so that we will start a small scale business for self reliance.

  12. عبد الله ابوبكر

    Arrears or no arrears, I think the concerned corps members should just take that as a fate and move on If the Federal Governmemt is not ready to pay.. Lets maintain peace and tranquility and not add to the Country’ problem either… Thanks

  13. Usman Abdulrahman

    What I think the FG should do is that they should show some kind of leaniancy into the matter. My reason here is that if you look at the ex copper. Almost all of the are going back home empty handed without anything at hand. But if they have something with them they will be able to start before any job come to their position. Please do something to this coppers so that they won’t be sitting idle at home without anything doing. I suggest you make as a way of empowering them due to the long run they have gone in serving their fathers land. Thanks

  14. Why didn’t nysc include the arrears into 2020 budget since they know FG would approve whatever is in the budget.

    1. Udeigbo Eucharia

      If DG is not the person to pay corpers arrars why would he come boldly on air to announce to us that there is no arrars for corpers bcos they are not civil servant, and if I may ask Who told him we are not civil servants, if we are not while did Good luck Ebele Jonathan paid arrars to Corp members during is time or is corpers arrars not constitutional?.

  15. Suleiman Emmanuel

    Does it mean that we have taken an oath of alegence that NYSC should make use of our advantage by not paying us our arreas?
    During the regime of GEJ why NYSC was not recognized as non civil servant?
    Nigeria, great country with full of corruption.

  16. During former president Goodluck’s administration arrears was paid to corp members, so why will a government of integrity not pay arrears that is due to the Corp members.

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