Things You Must Know About Android 12 Go Edition

Google has officially launched Android 12 Go Edition, a scaled-down version of the Android 12 operating system for entry-level handsets.

The new version of Android’s Go Edition comes with a slew of new features and improvements, especially in terms of performance and privacy.

When compared to the finest Android Go smartphone on the market, Google claims that the Android 12 Go Edition can provide up to a 30% performance boost.

We’ll look at the new features accessible on the next-generation Android 12 (Go edition) devices when they appear in 2022 in this article:

1. Longer Battery life


The ability to hibernate applications that haven’t been used in a long time is one of the new battery-saving features in Android 12 (Go edition). Apps that are hibernated free up storage space, which is especially handy for devices with limited storage. A new Files Go program will be included in the software, allowing users to restore deleted files within thirty days.

2. Supplementary Intelligent Functions

The new android is also getting some intelligent enhancements from Google (Go edition). There will be new alternatives for listening to the news and translating any on-screen content into a range of languages.

It’s a lot easier to share apps now.

In the yet-to-be launched edition, users will be able to share apps with adjacent devices via Nearby Share and Google Play (Go edition) (Go edition).

3. Extra Privacy


In latest edition, applications that acquire access to your data will have better visibility and control (Go edition). It will also have a new privacy dashboard that will show you which apps are accessing sensitive data.

Source: Nyscinfo

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