Three Corps Members Abscond, Six Get Extension In Gombe

On Thursday, the National Youth Service Corps in Gombe State reported that three corps members had vanished and that six others had received extensions as a result of various offenses.

Ada Imoni, the state coordinator, made this announcement in a speech distributed throughout the 11 local government areas of Gombe State during a low-key ceremony for the program that was officiated by State Secretariat officials.

According to our correspondent, 445 corps members from the 2021 batch B stream II have finished their service in Gombe State after being assigned to both private and public Place of Primary Assignments throughout the state’s 11 LGAs.

While praising the 445 ex-corps members, Imoni asked them to uphold the NYSC’s values by serving as excellent representatives of the Scheme as they entered their subsequent phases of life.

“A total of 445 Corps members are set to pass out today in Gombe State, out of which three absconded from service and six got extension of service for various offences committed,” Imoni said.

She said that in order to be entrepreneurs and employers of labor, people should establish firms using the skills they have obtained via the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Programme, and she added that they shouldn’t hate on little beginnings.

Imoni said:

“The NYSC introduced the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Programme in 2012 to equip Corps members with the necessary skills for self reliance and to augment the allowance paid by the Federal Government.

“It is my belief that you have been groomed and refined for the next phase of your lives. It is high time we stopped depending on the Government for white-collar jobs and think of ways to fend for ourselves.”

“Uphold the ideals of the scheme as you commence the next phase of your lives.”

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Source: Nyscinfo

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