Tips To Get Internship With The United Nations (UN)

Working with the United Nations (UN) is a huge opportunity that many people aspire to. This is because the UN is a worldwide organization that promotes international cooperation and peacekeeping while also addressing common difficulties such as poverty, climate change, and human rights violations. If, on the other hand, you want a fascinating and exciting experience combined with a passion for diplomacy and public policy, you can begin by interning with the United Nations.

The internship’s goal is to offer you a taste of what it’s like to work at the United Nations on a daily basis. Given the number of people that want to intern with the Global body, it must be a hard process to get in. Are you wondering what you need to do to get an internship with the United Nations? We have them right here. Continue reading.

You Must Be A Graduate Student Or A First-Degree Holder

This is usually determined by the type of internship you intend to apply for. While you may be a first-year student to be qualified for an internship with the UN, another internship position within the organization may require you to have started your postgraduate study. This is because you will be asked to apply your academic knowledge to real-life problems, and the body wants to ensure that you will not be distracted while interning with them.

Have Excellent  Knowledge Of English Language

The predominant language of communication among UN personnel is English. It’s also a benefit if you speak French, as French is another official language of the United Nations. Your capacity to communicate increases your chances of working in a multilingual role. Furthermore, the UN feels that this can aid in the facilitation of good communication and the promotion of good relationships.

Choose The Type Of Internship You Desire

You should be aware that the United Nations has specialized organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS, FAO, and others where you can work as an intern. Each of these organizations has its own emphasis, function, and mandate; therefore, if you are unsure which organization to join, you can study and read up on their mandate to determine which one corresponds with your interest and area of expertise. All of this will assist you in determining the type of job you want to do with the UN.

Start Your Application At The Right Time

You may be procrastinating because you have not made a suitable decision – it is crucial to understand that obtaining an internship with the UN is a highly competitive process, which means you must give it your all. When you hear about an opportunity to apply, go to the United Nations career page and submit your application. Don’t wait for the perfect moment because most UN entities work on a set timeframe and want all applications to be submitted before that date.

Follow The Proper Application Procedure

Many people discuss about submitting applications to the UN and not receiving a response. Apart from not receiving a response because the workload is too great, it might also be the result of an incorrect application process. To apply for an internship with the United Nations:

  • Check to see if there is an internship available.
  • Create an account on the website.
  • Create your profile on the applications’ home page. (This profile contains all of the information pertinent to your application.)
  • You can continue to make adjustments to your profile until you are confident that all information is up to date.
  • Identify a job opportunity that interests you and click “Add Job” to your application, which allows you to add several jobs.
  • Proceed to submit your application after answering all questions and supplying all relevant papers.

Follow The United Nations On Social Media

Follow the United Nations on social media to acquire first-hand information and a prompt “come back” from what you are doing wrong with your application. They give pertinent topics and opportunities that you may require to move forward and fulfill your desire of interning with them. You can follow the United Nations on:

  • Instagram: @unitednations
  • Twitter: @UN
  • LinkedIn United Nations

Create A Social Media Presence That Is In Line With The UN’s Goals

In an age when everyone can use their social media accounts for anything, make the most of yours. Several people use social media to discuss women’s health, climate change, education, and child rearing. You can choose a specialty that interests you and generate material about it online, sharing your thoughts and allowing your audience to contribute as well. Maintain consistency in this, and try to tag the UN when you upload your content to maximize the likelihood of them noticing and maybe engaging with it.

Why Should You Work As An Intern With The United Nations?

The United Nations is a worldwide organization, which means it operates on a global scale, addressing issues that affect people all over the world. Being a part of the team allows you to offer your fair share to society and the planet. That’s also a potential to have a beneficial impact on a worldwide scale, which sounds more appealing.

Interning with the UN also allows you to meet people from various walks of life with whom you may converse and collaborate to effect change. Furthermore, the United Nations exposes you to a complicated diplomatic environment, which aids in the development of negotiating and diplomacy abilities. In the long run, these abilities will earn you respect and reputation in the worldwide society.

You Should Be Aware Of These As Well:

One of the greatest methods to land an internship with the United Nations is to understand how internships function at the global organization. Look at what we have here:

  • Remuneration

You should be aware that the United Nations does not compensate its interns. So, keep this in mind and work with it when making decisions.

  • Duration

Internships, unlike regular positions, are expected to last a certain amount of time, and in the United Nations, this normally takes between 2 and 6 months.

  • Confidentiality

The United Nations places a high value on privacy, which means you must be discreet enough to keep all unshared information obtained during the internship time private.

  • Visa/Medicals/Travel

If you need to travel to another nation or pay for anything – medical insurance, travel fees – you will be responsible for paying these expenditures, not the UN.

  • Evaluation

Your application is evaluated using the criteria associated with the internship position. Some internship opportunities require you to live in a specific country or city. As a result, do not disregard these details when applying; instead, ensure that you meet all of the requirements.

  • Assessment

To check your competence and eligibility, the UN board may request you to write a test or complete an activity. This assessment aids in the selection of applicants for a competency-based interview, which may take place via video conference or in person.

  • Receive Notification Of Selection

After completing the evaluation and attending interviews, the UN board will tell you of your selection status.

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