Today Latest Npower News On NEXIT Password Change Message

The latest news reaching us about NEXIT is that most applicants of the NEXIT scheme receives the ‘portal password change’ notification, whilst they didn’t request for password change.

“Dear Batch A&B, please reset your account with the forgotten password link. Endeavor to complete your registration on the NEXIT portal. Regards”

This became a trouble to many of such applicants, but if you happened to be one of those that were sent the password change notification, here is what you should do;

  1. Ignore the notification message if you have completed your registration, and had no issues relating to login.

  2. Disregard the notification message if your login details are correct (i.e Email and Password).

However, any applicant who could not complete the registration process, especially due to forgotten password should endeavor to reset their password, just as entailed in the message.

To reset the password on NEXIT portal, kindly visit and reset your password without any further issue.

Note: Applicants who must have unveil their password to others after a successful registration on the NEXIT portal should use this opportunity to reset their password. All that is required is to visit the login page of NEXIT Program, then follow the given instructions.

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3 thoughts on “Today Latest Npower News On NEXIT Password Change Message”

  1. Morning.Pls Help,up till now av not been able to verify my email,it keep saying verification failed. Kindly forward our complaint to d right quarter.

    1. Taiwo Victoria Iyanu

      Evening,pls I reset my password but is not going, it keep tell me transaction failed. pls help me

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