Today’s Update For Npower Freshers

Are you a batch C beneficiary with lots of questions in your mind? If ‘yes’, then read through today’s update for Npower Freshers.

The Npower Scheme has gotten the Batch C beneficiary onboard, but there lies some yet to be answered questions.

Several beneficiaries of the Npower Batch C stream 1 have dropped some questions, which the Npower team has responded to.

Below are the answers to some of the questions asked.

Today’s Update For Npower Freshers On Questions Asked

1. When will posting commence for the Non-graduate category of the scheme?

Npower non-graduates should note that soon there will be a report regarding their posting.

For now, no posting has been done. All that is required is patience. Thanks.

2. How can I upgrade my academic certificate?

The scheme has no official provision regarding upgrading of academic qualification/certificate.

This means that there is no option pertaining to change of certificate. Applicants are deployed based on the certificate they uploaded while registering.

SSCE applicants will be treated as non-graduates, while HND and BSC will be treated as graduate beneficiaries.

3. Is there a need to re-upload PPA letter once my PPA remains unchanged?

Volunteers who uploaded their PPA letter before the physical verification after being signed don’t have to re-upload again.

It’s only those whose PPA change after 4th of October 2021, that need to worry about RE-UPLOADING.

4. Should I print my PPA letter in coloured or black and white?

There is no preference regarding the colour format of PPA letter. Either coloured or black and white will be accepted.

5. When will Batch C Beneficiary payment commence?

Volunteers who successfully conclude the physical verification, and abide by the Deployment instructions will be paid when due.

6. I am yet to be posted while other graduate beneficiaries have being posted.

Those who completed the physical verification exercise as graduate beneficiaries and are yet to be posted are to be calm.

They will be posted, as the management of the Npower Scheme is working on that already.

7. My redeployment request was rejected.

Those whose redeployment request was rejected should kindly reapply through their Nasim portal dashboard.

Take note that redeployment should be within the L.G.A the beneficiary reside/filed while registering.

Note: Irrespective of redeployed beneficiaries, every volunteers will receive their stipends appropriately.

Source: Nyscinfo

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