Top 10 Best Engineering Courses to Study In Nigeria

Three years after graduation, it occurred to me that I should have read an article like this while preparing for higher institution. I just feel like I studied the wrong course, and sometimes it hurts to feel that way. Here we will show you 10 Best engineering courses to study in Nigeria.
Best Engineering Courses to Study In NigeriaIf engineering is your passion, and you want to pursue it, then you need to read this before making any further move.

You also need to read this if you are a parent and have a child that’s preparing for higher institution. The truth is that most of our kids need to be guided in the choice of a course.

It’s not enough to just go to school and study any kind of course, then graduate and there’s no place for you to practice what you have studied, especially in a country like Nigeria where opportunities are very limited.

You have to make your going to school count by studying a course that is relevant in our society today.

Engineering is a mainstream course in Nigeria, particularly because of its large scope. But still, not every engineering course is lucrative, and that’s why you need to check out the top 10 best engineering courses in Nigeria.

Best Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria

Below are the best engineering courses to consider studying in Nigeria;

1. Petroleum Engineering

Because Nigeria depends largely on petroleum products, there would always be need for petroleum engineers.

This field involves the extraction, and refining of crude oil into valuable substances such as petrol, kerosene, gas, naphthalene, bitumen, and others.

This is a very good course to study. Petroleum engineers are well paid. If you want to study this lucrative course then you need a minimum of five credits in relevant subjects in your O’level, and meeting the cut off mark required by the institution of your choice.

2. Mechanical Engineering

This aspect of engineering involves the building, and maintaining of machines. The automobiles, the automated teller machines, machines used in manufacturing industries, like the quilting machine used is a mattress producing company, and several others.

These machines have drastically made life easier, reducing the workload of humans, saving time, and this can be credited to mechanical engineers.

There would always be demand for mechanical engineers as long as we continue to use machines. So this obviously is a good course to study. The requirements for getting admission remain the same.

3. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are responsible for the construction, and maintenance of all kinds of buildings, roads, and all other infrastructures. When you think about the best buildings in the world, you think about a civil engineer.

When you think about the best road networks in the world, you think about a civil engineer. The world cannot do without these guys. Imagine a world that is void. No buildings, and no roads. This is how important civil engineers are in the world today.

If you are thinking of studying this course already, then go ahead, it’s definitely one of the most lucrative engineering courses in Nigeria and beyond.

4. Computer Engineering

As they say, we are in the computer age. This is the age where there’s hardly anything you’ll do that doesn’t involve computer. Infact today, one of the requirements for most jobs in Nigeria is the knowledge of the computer.

Even without being a computer engineer, just having that knowledge gives you an edge when you apply for jobs, let alone becoming a computer engineer.

The demand for computer engineers will continually be on the increase, and that’s why it’s a course you should study.

5. Biomedical Engineering

This aspect of engineering is associated with the use of engineering practices in the medical field. This is not so common, and that’s why only a few universities offer this course. But it is a very lucrative course to study.

Other lucrative engineering courses include;

6. Chemical engineering

7. Marine engineering

8. Structural engineering

9. Agricultural engineering

10. Food engineering

P.S: There are other very lucrative courses to study in Nigeria. But if you prefer engineer, ring, then you need to choose from this list. Secondly, after deciding on the engineering course to study, you need to still do a proper research.

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