Top 5 Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

There are various recruiting firms in Nigeria that can aid businesses get employees, and also helping employees get jobs of their dreams. Here we shall highlight top 5 recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

The increased in the rate of unemployment in the country has made it wise to compile a list of the top ranked recruitment agencies in Nigeria, to aid the jobless people who are seeking for works. See top 10 Federal Government jobs not to miss applying  yearly.

Top 5 recruitment agencies in Nigeria

Below are the top five recruiting agencies to count on;

1. British Broadcasting Channel Consulting Limited

This is an accounting consulting and auditing firm created since 1969. Their main clients includes production industries, banks, gas, and oil companies, media, Ict firms.

2. Iris consulting

It is created in 2002, its main focus is to help the African organizations and businesses to compete with another organizations in the world by getting skillful employees for them..

3. Pandora service

Is a Qualified Agency that aids in connecting employers with valuable employees. It has track record of working with ranked organization in various sectors ranging from banks, media, etc.

4. Chase Executive Service

It was formed in 2000. It helps the firms to setup and the maintenance of their offices.

5. Dragnet Solutions

Is a representative company which stands out in deploying screening and assignment for the solutions, it also helps in recruiting for higher firms such as banks and information computer technology firms.

The above listed recruitment agencies can help you get a job of your dreams, and also help organizations get suitable employees. They connect employees and employers.

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