Top 7 Best Job Websites In Nigeria And Their World Ranking

As Nigerian universities continue to produce large numbers of graduates every year, the scarcity of jobs in the country becomes more prevalent. The numbers of available jobs is extremely below the numbers of graduates seeking for jobs. Because of this, underemployment and outright unemployment has become a dominant discourse in Nigeria, as graduates instead go for jobs that are below their qualifications, just to keep body and soul together.

While that is the case, sadly, you don’t have to take the path that some graduates have taken out of desperation. With patience and proper search for jobs online, you are sure to get a job of your dream, as jobs are advertised on many webpages daily.

Your concern should be, how do I find a reputable website where I can search and apply for the job of my dream? To assist you with answer to this question, this article will point you to reputable webpages in Nigeria that have proven to be very successful in linking graduates up with potential employers, with some getting good jobs through the websites, already.

You can start your job search journey by regularly visiting the websites listed below:


Jobberman is the first-rated website job platform in Nigeria. In the global ranking for job websites, jobberman feature on number 10, 977 while it is on number 60 in Nigeria based on site traffic. This site list more than one thousand regular jobs that always comes with brief job overview.


This is among the first-born job webpages in Nigeria, popular among a huge number of graduates. Many government job adverts can be found on this website. It is 12, 756 in world ranking and 69 in Nigeria.


This job website is fast becoming a big name among other job websites in Nigeria. It ranks 25, 708 in the world and 127 in Nigeria. It is special in job categorization.


This website features among the first choice website for job seekers in Nigeria. It provides easy-to-navigate user interface. With regular jobs updates, the site ranks 22, 010 in the world in134 in Nigeria.


This website is known for posting latest job openings from across Nigeria, making it one among the best job webpages around. It ranks 61, 283 in the world and 408 in Nigeria.


This website is a meet up place that brings unemployed graduates and employers of labor together. With a world ranking of 105, 196 and 684 in Nigeria, the website is celebrated for posting new jobs all the time.


This portal is so unique that it offers you the opportunity to upload your resume online. It also provides employers contacts for further inquiries. The webpage has a world ranking of 1, 002, 465.


The sites listed above are the best and most popular job search websites in Nigeria. We will update the list with more as we continue to research on the topic.

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