Top WeChat Alternatives for Android and iOS

WeChat has become one of the most popular apps in the world, with over 1 billion active users, but it isn’t the only messaging app available. For those seeking for a new way to communicate with friends and family, here are five WeChat alternatives worth checking out the next time you’re looking for a new messaging app!


Whatsapp is a popular messaging service. With over 2 billion users in 180 countries, it is by far the most popular messaging app on the planet. According to the most recent data, over 2 billion voice and video calls are done on WhatsApp every day. These numbers only help to highlight the messaging app’s massive appeal.

You can transmit photos, videos, documents, and voice messages with WhatsApp, just like you can with WeChat. So, regardless of how you choose to interact with your friends and family, the app will make it simple for you to do so.

Despite not being as popular as WhatsApp or as multifunctional as WeChat, Telegram is definitely one of the most secure chat programs. For personal messages, Telegram offers a high level of protection. For further security, the app encrypts all of your data, including chats and media.

Aside from offering a higher level of data protection than WeChat, the app also provides a more straightforward texting experience. WeChat, on the other hand, is frequently chastised for its slowness, yet it boasts a clutter-free UI that helps it run faster. The option to build a group chat with up to 200,000 users is another feature that sets it apart. WeChat, on the other hand, allows users to form a 500-person group chat.

When it comes to providing a fun-loving texting experience, KiK KiK is just as good as any other messaging app. In fact, in a number of areas, it can surpass some of its more well-known competitors. To begin, there is no need to go through a long registration process.


KiK, like the majority of its competitors, lets you form a chat group to communicate with your friends. It does, however, allow you to speak one-on-one in groups, which is excellent for when you don’t want to irritate everyone with useless messages. Kik also features a vast meme library that you can use to express yourself in a humorous manner. KiK might be a better alternative if you’re seeking for a WeChat competitor with more memes. That’s not all; there are also some fun games to keep you entertained.


With over 600 million users globally, Line is one of the most popular social networking programs. As a result, for a variety of reasons, it deserves to be considered a noteworthy WeChat alternative. To begin with, it includes all of the tools you’ll need to communicate in a variety of ways, including audio, video, and text messaging. Second, you can utilize it to keep in touch with your pals by making group calls of up to 200 individuals.

Finally, the app boasts the world’s largest sticker collection. They come in a wide range of flavors and in enormous amounts.

As a result, depending on your mood or a specific subject, you can send different stickers to your friend to keep the texting atmosphere alive.


In terms of versatility and popularity, Viber appears to be a fully prepared alternative to WeChat. The app is accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, among other platforms. You can use the app to interact with your friends and family regardless of the platform you’re on. You may connect with your pals in a variety of methods, including text, sticker, GIF, image, and video, thanks to the app’s multimedia capability.

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