UAE Golden Visa: What you must Know

Following the announcement that the government United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be granting a golden visa to professionals from countries around the world to enter and work in the country for 10 years, there have been many questions from people who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to advance their careers and earn a good living away from Nigeria. Note that the golden visa policy is targeted at professionals, and we shall highlight the categories of professionals that will be eligible for the visa.UAE Golden Visa

Because of these questions, it is important to note that the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 56 of 2018 allows foreign national to acquire long-term residency visa, also called Golden Visa in the UAE. In this article, we reveal the criteria for eligibility for the UAE 10 years Golden Visa.

What is the criteria for Eligibility for the Golden Visa?

• You will be eligible to apply for the Golden Visa without a sponsor if your investments in the UAE are worth at least Dh10 million UAE currency. You can include your spouse, dependents, and also one executive direct and advisor of your business entity.

• If you own properties worth Dh5 million, you can apply for the 5year visa category. Note that the properties must be kept for at least 3years with no loan on them.

• If you are an entrepreneur with existing investments in the UAE, valued at Dh5 million minimum, you can apply for the 5years visa category. You can include your spouse, dependents, and also one business partner and three executives.

If you do not fall within the above categories, you can apply if you possess specialized professional skills or talents, especially as a researcher in the area of science and knowledge such as doctors, specialists, scientists, inventors, and also as creative individual in the area of culture and art. You may be granted the Golden Visa under the specialized category.

Other Categories are:


They must be accredited by Emirates Scientists Council or possessors of the Mohammed Rashid medal for Scientific Excellence

Creative Talents

They must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development


They must acquire a patent of value approved by the Ministry of Economy, which adds to the UAE economy.

Exceptional Talents

They must be recognized by patents or a scientific research published in a world renowned journal


They must be owners of internationally known company or holders of high academic achievement and status


They must have a PhD degree from one among the top 500 universities in the world, certificate of appreciation in the area of applicant’s work, contribution to a major scientific research, published articles or scientific books in recognized publications, and PhD degree, plus 10 years professional experience. Note that any of these must be from your field of work.

Source: Nyscinfo

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