Umba Digital Banking – What you need to know

Have you heard about Umba? It is a digital banking system offering a better banking experience to customers. It also provides free bank accounts, removes unnecessary bank charges, and providing an ecosystem of secured connected services that allows customers to have complete control of their money.

Umba is an African digital bank, where you enjoy free, fast and secure money transfers to bank accounts and mobile money accounts, while saving up to 70% on traditional banking fees.

Umba Loans

Customers can access instant loans, anytime they need it, regardless of what they need it for. To start enjoying instant loans, open an Umba account now at

Earn Cashback on transactions

Unlike other banks, Umba allows customers to earn Cashback on all transactions. So, anytime they use Umba to pay utility bills or merchants, they get some money directly into their Umba wallet.

How to Open Account with Umba

To open an account, visit the official Umba website at to download their mobile app.

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