Unilorin Transcript Request Form – Apply Now!

It’s of greater privilege to know that the University of Ilorin (Unilorin) has started giving their students a greater chance to access their academic transcript online. In this post, we will show you how to get Unilorin transcript. And also the requirements for processing your transcript.

Unilorin Transcript

What is the Unilorin Transcript all about?

The University of Ilorin Transcript is a summary documentation of student academic performance, which contains the following:

  • Student’s course and marks earned during each academic year (credit which must be confirmed by its board of management),
  • Name of institution of study,
  • Entry and graduating year (if a graduate),
  • Awards received (if any),
  • Award of Degree,
  • Breakdown of the previous grade of courses taken,
  • The school name, and the entry date will be recorded on the transcript as a current student. In addition, it also contains extra curriculum taking while at university.

How much is the Unilorin Transcript application fee?

Obtaining a Unilorin transcript costs N5,500. You can make the payment online through remittance to the University of Ilorin. Kindly note that the transcript fee (N5,500) may change depending on when the school management wishes to implement it.

How to apply for Unilorin Transcript

Follow the steps below to fill the University of Ilorin, undergraduate transcript request form:

  1. Visit the Unilorin transcript form portal/.

  2. Complete and submit the form.

  3. Make available the following while submitting: A payment receipt generated as remittance, photocopy of statement of result or certificate, evidence of payment for the delivery (courier).

  4. An official academic transcript can be sent to an official location either through a courier or NIPOST office or online to the assigned valid email address.

  5. Students can pick up their transcript either by hand, with an authorized person, or online through the receiver’s valid email.

  6. A photocopy of identification and a letter of authorization must be presented by the receiver as proof of ownership of the academic transcript by the authorized person.

To make payment for Unilorin transcript, cIick https://login.remita.net/remita/onepage/518853670/service.spa to make your payment.

Requirements for University of Ilorin transcript

  • Personal information
  • Matriculation number
  • Statement of result or letter of identification from your department.
  • Transcript fee (N5000)

Note: Sending student academic transcripts takes approximately two weeks or more after submission. And if there is an issue, they will notify you via the email used during registration.

What happens if I lose my academic transcript?

Have this in mind that the University of Ilorin won’t be held responsible for the loss of your transcript after it has been delivered to you, so it is most important that you handle it with care.

Source: nyscinfo

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  1. When I was filling the form they were asking about REFERENCE/APPLICATION NUMBER AT RECEIVING INSTITUTION, what am I going to fill in there

  2. I’m having the same issue! Please is there anyway you can help, I’ve paid throughout remita yet I can’t fill the request form and upload the necessary documents

  3. Badmus Ibrahim Abolore

    i have made the payment for remita but am unable to sign in to the potal. what should i do?

  4. I can’t open the Transcript request form. It’s telling me that University of Ilorin is no longer accepting responses and I have already paid for the transcript through remita. What do I do?

    1. Please i’m facing the same issues now, I don’t know if there is a time frame or limits to the application yearly, kindly if you if find a solution to it dear, I’d do the same if i find a solution too….Thanks❤️

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