How to Apply for UK 2021 Masters Programme In Nigeria

Although Britain has official left the European Union, the country is still open to applications from international students who intend to study for their masters’ programmes in the United Kingdom (UK). If you intend to further your studies in UK, you will definitely be thankful at the end of it all, because it will be the launching pad for your career. There are wonderful benefits which you will get if you choose any of the UK universities for your studies.

It is estimated by the Nigerian government that there are over 4,000 Nigerian students across universities in the United Kingdom. Although the fee may be relatively high, but it is worth every pinch of it because what you stand to gain far exceeds the money you will commit to the programme.

How to apply for 2021 UK Masters programme in Nigeria

Follow the steps below to apply;

1. Select the course of your choice

In beginning the process, the first thing is to identify the course you want to study. From over 30, 000 available course, you can look through and pick the one you want. During the process of choosing a course, it is important you contact the school for more information about the course.

2. Prepare and submit the application form

Upon selecting the course of your choice, the next action will be the preparation and submission of your completed application form to the appropriately. Although the processes may slightly differ, depending on your choice school.

3. Check for Visa eligibility

One important thing to do is to check to see if you will qualify to be issued a UK study visa. Ensure this part is addressed before you proceed with registration.

Entry requirements to study in the United Kingdom

  • You must have a Second Class Upper bachelor’s degree, with a CGPA tally of 3.5 or 2.2 known as Second Class Lower
  • You must have undergone a postgraduate studies (this depends on the university).
  • You must pass your IELTS exam with the required cutoff marks.
  • You must score a minimum of 6.0

What is the application process?

As a Master’s programme student, you should start very early to increase your chances of being admitted. Note that UK universities only allow applicants to apply through Individual University’s website.

What are the required supporting documents?

  • Proof of your Nigerian bachelor’s degree (certificate).
  • Your Academic references
  • IETLS certificate
  • A supporting statement of purpose
  • Curriculum vitae/resume.

In order to not miss out on any important information and the documents you will be required to provide, you can link up with your university to ask for more information when necessary.

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