How to Apply UNN-USA Alumni Scholarship Program

Unn Alumni Scholarship in the United States is a merit-based award. For students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In the United States, UNN scholarships are offered based on merit. It means that applicants must be able to write clearly and concisely in order to qualify. Each year, ten to fifteen UNN USA scholarships will be awarded. In this article, you will be guided on how to apply for UNN-USA Alumni Scholarship Program.

One essay (500 words) is recommended for each student.

Describe a problem you’ve solved or one you’d like to solve in the future. Everything matters, whether it is a personal challenge, a research question or an ethical dilemma. Explain what it means to you and what steps you’ve taken or could take to find a solution to this problem.

Tell us about a topic, idea, or concept that keeps you engrossed enough to make you forget about time. Is there a reason you find it compelling? For additional information, where do you go?

To succeed afterwards, we must learn from our mistakes. If you can, tell us about a time you failed. When it happened, how did it effect your life and what did you learn from it?

About University of Nigeria, Nsukka

In Enugu State, Nigeria, the University of Nigeria, or UNN, is a federal university. There are three campuses in Enugu State – Nsukka; Enugu; and Ituku-Ozalla – as well as one in Abia State. The University of Nigeria was founded by Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1955.

First indigenous and autonomous institution in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria is based on the American educational system. As the first land-grant university in Africa, it is also regarded as one of Nigeria’s top five institutions. With 102 academic departments, the university has 15 faculties. Students can enrol in both undergraduate and graduate programmes at the university.

Covid-19 epidemic prevented the university from celebrating its 60th anniversary, which would have been its 50th anniversary in October 2010. According to Webometrics, the University of Nigeria is now ranked 4th in Nigeria and 1554th in the world.

What is the UNN-USA Alumni Scholarship Program and what are the benefits?

Tuition and stipend are the sole costs covered by the award (total may not exceed 100,000 Naira).

UNN-USA Alumni Scholarship Program Requirements Qualification

  • Students must have completed a full academic year of study at UNN in order to be eligible.
  • In order to keep the scholarship, students must maintain an overall grade point average of 4.0 or better.
  • Possess exemplary moral character
  • Potential for success in their chosen study area

Documents Required for Application

Passport or student ID card.

Application Deadline

September 30, 2021

How to Apply for UNN-USA Alumni Scholarship

If this interests you and you qualify:

  • Use to apply to University of Nigeria Nsukka.
  • Access the UNN USA website by using Google Chrome.
  • On the top menu, click on Scholarship.
  • Apply for a scholarship
  • Personal and academic information is required.
  • Fill in the blanks with your essay.
  • Simply scan and upload your passport or student ID.
  • An example of a mitigating circumstance: (optional)
  • Finally, click the submit button.

You may find out more information on the UNN-USA Alumni website.

Source: Nyscinfo

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