Unveiling Samsung Galaxy A14 Features And Price Nigeria

Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy A14, which features the most recent technological advancements that have come to be associated with Galaxy smartphones.

The most recent model of the Galaxy A series has a big screen, a great camera, and all the tools you need to stay connected. It has wonderful aesthetics and a nice feel, and it performs really well thanks to its connectivity and design, giving its consumers an amazing mobile experience all around at a fantastic price.

The Galaxy A14 has a polished camera deck and the tried-and-true Galaxy distinctive design identity.

The sleek silhouette is completed by the flat, linear camera housing that melds into the unibody frame without any visible seams. The phone has a back cover with a laser pattern and comes in gorgeous hues, including bright green and black.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy A14 Parts And Featuires

1. Fantastic screen

With a 6.6″ FHD+ big display2 and high resolution, the Galaxy A14 offers an improved, broader, and sharper display for immersive viewing. The Galaxy A13 it replaces featured a 6.5 HD+ display, therefore this is an upgrade.

2. Awesome Camera

The amazing triple-lens camera, assisted by the improved selfie camera3, captures each image with all of its astonishing details. With the 13MP selfie camera, you can capture the best possible images of yourself while the 50MP primary camera ensures that every detail is captured in high resolution.

Use the 2MP UltraWide Camera to get a wider viewpoint and incredible details, or the 2MP Macro Camera to get up close and clear pictures of even the smallest elements.


3. Enormous Storage

With 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage, you may have more space for all the things you love to save. With the huge and extensible virtual memory and storage of the Galaxy A14, you can run more apps and save more of your favorite things. Store additional photos, videos, music and documents, and get up to 1TB of more storage by simply slipping in a microSD card4.

4. Increased Battery Life

As a moment in life passes, it won’t happen again; yet, the Galaxy A14’s battery works nonstop to allow you to cherish all those beautiful moments. With a battery that lasts longer and has a 5000mAh capacity, you can undoubtedly get more out of life.

The Galaxy A14 allows you to focus on what you want to accomplish and worry less about running out of battery life. It has a two-day battery life and is capable of recording high-quality videos of your fun moments as well as taking clear, detailed photographs of you, your friends, or family.

5. Privacy & Security

The operating system and security features upgrades provide you the peace of mind that your device is secure and your privacy is safeguarded.

For you to get the most out of your experience with the newest features and the highest level of security, Samsung offers two OS updates and a Security Maintenance Release.

6. Eco-Friendly

As Samsung’s eco-conscious technology and innovation continue to be incorporated into the newest products, sustainability remains a major priority.

Recycled plastic, which was used for the device’s numerous components, was one of the environmentally beneficial materials used in the development of the Galaxy A14. Additionally, bio-based TPU was used to create the accessories.

The product packaging was kept to a minimum and made of recycled paper to cut down on CO2 emissions during delivery.

Samsung Galaxy A14 Screen Repair And Flex Pay

With Samsung Flex Pay, you can purchase a Samsung A14 device for as little as N7000 a month, and a screen repair costs as little as N16,000 when paid in tiny amounts over three to twelve months.

Availability And Samsung Galaxy A14 Price In Nigeria

The Galaxy A14 will be widely accessible in carriers and retailers starting in March 2023, with recommended retail prices of N116,900 and N126,900 for the 64GB and 128GB storage configurations, respectively.

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