Update On Npower January Stipend &  Nexit Training Certificate

Following Npower batch C beneficiaries’ request that management declare the specific date set for January ayment, Nasims has issued a message claiming that they are unable to provide an exact date for January Stipend payment and Nexit Training certificate.

Nexit candidates who had completed their CBN entrepreneurial Nexit loan orientation course, on the other hand, exhibited the training certificate they were given after the session. According to the EDI agency’s training plan, the first batch training is being conducted in batches.

The second group of training will begin when the first batch has completed their course, according to the Npower Nexit Scheme administration.

The narrative stays the same for those seeking Npower batch C stream 2. Your shortlisting is underway, and Npower will notify all successful Shortlisted applicants as soon as possible.

Any material about Npower batch D recruitment should be ignored by prospective Npower applicants. Batch D registration is not being conducted by Npower. Be guided to avoid being conned.

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Source: Nyscinfo


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